S.D. Dept. of Ag offers free leafy spurge control agents

The South Dakota Department of Agriculture (SDDA) is offering free leafy spurge biological control agents to landowners who qualify.

Integrated Weed Management is the use of multiple methods of weed control, and like most other successful weed management programs, it incorporates weed control methods such as chemical (herbicides), mechanical, cultural and biological control.

Some factors to be aware of before starting biological control:

The success of biological control agents cannot be guaranteed.

Biological control will not work every time in every situation.

Biological control will not eradicate the weed.

Biological control takes time to work, so another weed control method may be a better choice if you need to show immediate results or if you have a small infestation.

Even with the use of biological control, you will still need to use other methods to contain the weeds until the biological control establishes.

Generally, it can take one to three years after release to confirm that biological control agents are established at a site, and even longer for agents to cause significant impact to the leafy spurge.

Those interested in participating in the program are required to assist at a collection. At collections recipients learn to manage agents for best results. If recipients see collectable numbers on their property, SDDA asks they share with others by letting SDDA collect on their land.

For more information and the collection schedule, contact Ron Moehring with SDDA at or 605-773-3796.

–S.D. Department of Agriculture