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S.D. state honored by range society

SRM (March 14, 2014) – The Society for Range Management (SRM) recently concluded its 67th Annual International Meeting, Technical Training & Trade Show which took place February 8-13, 2014 in Orlando, Florida. The annual conference, while serving as a forum for technical trainings and research, also provides the opportunity to recognize those displaying excellence in the field of range management and to highlight the next generation of rangeland managers.

The Society for Range Management is an international professional society which boasts membership from around the globe. The science and research generated by the SRM membership serves to guide the policies and practices of those managing the world’s natural resources. It is only fitting then that both representatives from the United States as well as our international neighbors took top honors in many of the professional-based recognitions and collegiate competitions.

SRM is pleased to announce and congratulate the university students who excelled this year in the grueling set of exams and competitions that tested their knowledge of rangelands and the best management practices which sustain them; the following represents a sampling of this year’s top honors; a full list can be found here:

• Rangeland Plant ID-Individual: Manuel Bernabe Lopez Perez, Universidad Autonoma Agraria Antonio Narro

• Rangeland Plant ID-Team: Universidad Autonoma Agraria Antonio Narro

• URME (Undergraduate Range Management Exam): Team Award: University of Alberta

• URME (Undergraduate Range Management Exam) Individual: Hannah Ricks, Brigham Young University

• Combined Award-URME & Plant ID: Hannah Ricks, Brigham Young University

• Collegiate Trail Boss: Brigham Young University

• Rangeland Cup: South Dakota State University

• In addition to the collegiate-level awards issued, the top range professionals from across the globe were honored for their continued commitment to the mission and vision of the Society, the following were recognized:

Frederic G. Renner Award: Dr. John C. Malechek

W.R. Chapline Land Stewardship Award: Dr. Melvin R. George

W.R. Chapline research award: Dr. Carl L. Wambolt

Sustained lifetime achievement: Dr. David M. Engle


o Dr. Charles Howard (Chuck) Butterfield

o Dr. Mitchel P. McClaran

Outstanding Achievement


o Dr.María Fernández-Giménez

o Dr. Urs. P. Kreuter


o Kevin L. Guinn

o Dennis W. Thompson

o Sandra K. Wyman

Outstanding young range professional: Angela Marie Reid

SRM 2014 President Jenny Pluhar stated, “On behalf of the SRM Board of Directors and membership, we applaud and congratulate all of this year’s honorees and award recipients. The representation of professionals and students from across the globe receiving accolades this year symbolizes the true international presence of the Society in the field of range management.”

“The Society looks forward to another year of excellence both in the field and in the classroom and consequently, another premiere class of honorees during the 2015 Annual Meeting in Sacramento, California,” concluded Pluhar.

For more information regarding the full slate of awards and honors as presented in Orlando, Florida, please visit http://www.rangelands.org.

–Society of Range Management