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S.D. Wheat Commission supports rail project

Transportation is one of the most important elements of marketing for wheat and all products in agriculture. That is why the SD Wheat Commission is supporting a project which will improve the rail line west of Chamberlain.

The proposed MRC Rail Line reconstruction project from Chamberlain, to the west, offers the potential to provide shipping services and rate competition for our wheat farmers west of the Missouri River. This project is vital for successful marketing of agriculture products, especially from a region of the state that historically ranks in the top 5 areas for production of wheat, sorghum and sunflowers.

In addition to a letter of support for a Discretionary Tiger Grant, the SD Wheat Commission has approved a $250,000 in matching funds to the project, contingent upon approval of the grant. “This project offers an enhanced competitive element to the overall transportation infrastructure of the state,” said Randy Englund Executive Director for the Wheat Commission, “The project will spur major economic development that will create new jobs, generate substantial tax revenue for the state and pay dividends for future generations.”

–S.D. Wheat Commission