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S.D. Wheat Yield Contest returns

Spring is here and the SD Wheat Yield Contest is back! Producers are encouraged to submit an application by May 15th. Applications can be picked up at participating sponsors which include: CHS Midwest Cooperative, CHS Northern Plains, CHS Southwest Grains, Wheat Growers Elevator, North Central Farmers Elevator, Oahe Grain Corporation, Sioux Nation, Dakota Mill & Grain or the SD Wheat Inc office.

Awards will be presented at Ag Horizons in Pierre on December 6, 2017: 1st place in each District = $500, 2nd place in each District = $300


1. To enter, you must be an SDWI member in good standing. A one-year membership ($100) can be included with your entry fee.

2. A farm entity or operation may enter more than one entry.


1. The state will be divided into seven separate reporting regions.

The location of the field, NOT the entrant address, will determine the

region of the entry.

2. There will be two classes in each region for 2017.

3. Contest field must be at least 10 continuous acres of one variety number.

4. Continuous being defined as “not separated by public roads, permanent field roads, or waterways that are delineated out of FSA maps or other structures or features that cause a field to be “farmed” separately.”

5. Out of this field, a minimum of 2.5 acres must be harvested for the “official” weight/yield. There is no maximum size for the official weight/yield.


1. The supervisor’s names must be on the SDWI contest entry form along with their title, address, telephone and e-mail address before the entry can be accepted. The supervisor’s responsibility is to oversee the harvest and make the final computations of yield based on an accurate weight, moisture and calculated area. It is the responsibility of the entrant to submit the final paperwork.

2. A supervisor cannot be related to the contestant, employee of the contestant, be a seed company representative, chemical company representative, retail fertilizer representative or in any way have any interest in the crop. Examples of qualifying supervisors would be local extension personnel, local bankers, FFA Advisor, SDWI Board members, etc.

–S.D. Wheat, Inc.


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