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S & V Livestock’s “Ranchers Choice” Bull Sale

Don Vannatta, S & V Livestock "Ranchers Choice" bull sale host.

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: March 19, 2019

Location: Gordon Livestock Market, Gordon, NE

Auctioneer: Doug Dietterle


Yearling bulls – $3,045

Two Year old bulls – $3,250

This was the most consistent set of Angus bulls offered by Don and Mary Vannatta. The bulls looked fancy for their 18th Annual “Ranchers Choice” Bull Sale. The bulls were in great sale condition, carrying just enough flesh to look good, but not too much to fall apart in the breeding pasture.

Sale highlights:

Lot 1, SV Connealy Earnan 8053, a 2/18 son of Connealy Earnan 076E with 205 day wt. of 751 lb., weaning ratio of 109 and yearling ratio of 114 sold to Brad Heiting, Hay Springs, NE for $4,750.

Lot 26, SV Sirloin 8120, a 3/18 son of HA Sirloin 5427 with a CED of 11, weaning wt. of 741 lb, WR 108, yearling ration 105 sold to Strasburger Land & Cattle, Lakeside, NE for $4,750.

Lot 9, SV Cowboy Up 8034, a 2/18 son of HA Cowboy Up 540S that has weaning wt. of 778 lb., weaning ration of 113, yearling ratio of 108 sold to Brad Heiting, Hay Springs, NE for $4,500.

Lot 21, SV Breakthrough 8006, a 2/18 calving ease son of AAR Breakthrough 6045 with epds of CED 15 BW -3.2 WW 50 YW 100 Milk 31 sold to Spitoon Ranch, Rushville, NE for $4,000.

This was another sale that followed the winter weather of last week. Many secondary roads in rural ranching country are nearly impassible with mud and snow so the crowd was light, reflecting the average of the sale, but not necessarily the quality of the bulls. With the lighter crowd, there are some bulls left over. If you are needing bulls come turnout time or before, contact Don.