Sale: Barenthsen-Bullinger Red Angus 13th Annual Production Sale |

Sale: Barenthsen-Bullinger Red Angus 13th Annual Production Sale

Courtesy photoSteppler Ranch consists of Cody and Verlin Steppler, from Culberson, ND bought bulls at the Barenthsen-Bullinger Red Angus sale.

Sale: Barenthsen-Bullinger Red Angus 13th Annual Production Sale

Date: Feb. 15.

Location: At the ranch near Powers Lake, ND

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

Averages: 77 Yearling Red Angus bulls – $4,795; 10 Registered-bred Red Angus heifers – $5,025; 5 Registered-open Red Angus heifers – $2,350; 34 Commercial-open Red Angus heifers – $1,908

Mark and Kathy Barenthsen and Jeremy and Jessica Bullinger along with their families hosted the 13th Annual Barenthsen-Bullinger Red Angus production sale at the ranch near Powers Lake, ND on Feb. 15. There was a near capacity crowd of new and repeat buyers to sort thru and purchase this top notch set of Red Angus cattle.

This was a very powerful set of bulls on the sale, backed by a very maternal cowherd. I was impressed when I saw this set of cattle in the North Dakota Stockmen’s Tour last fall and even more impressed to see bulls developed and in sale condition.

The bulls were developed with the rancher in mind, not overdone, but in very good condition. The Barenthsen-Bullinger outfit sells bulls to a lot of neighbors and repeat buyers, that tells you these cattle work.

Also in the offering was a fantastic set of females. The females were broody, deep bodied and will make excellent cows in most any environment.

Topping the bulls was Lot 67, Bar M Designer 102W-1218, a March 28, 2011, son of OKCC Direct Design 102W. This deep sided, thick made herd sire prospect had EPDs of: BW 2.3, WW 56, YW 95, Milk 18 and is out of a very productive Glacier bred cow that has a MPPA of 106. OK Cattle, Towner, ND was the buyer at $11,000.

John Berg, Williston, ND selected the next two top selling bulls. Lot 38, Bar M Direct Design 102-1127 is a March 12, 2011, son of OKCC Direct Design 102W with EPDs of: BW 3.6, WW 60, YW 102, Milk 14 and sold for $9,500. Selling at $9000 was Lot 11, Bar M Chateau Dakota 1039, a March 1, 2011, son of Glacier Chateau 744 with EPDs of: BW -1.4, WW 38, YW 73 and Milk 26.

Northern Lights Red Angus, Opheim, MT purchased Lot 3, Bar M Keeper 6587-1017, a February 7, 2011 son of 5L Chronicle 482-6587. This bigger framed thick made bull has EPDs of: BW -0.1, WW 42, YW 75, Milk 20 and sold for $8,000.

Lot 39 sold to Kevin Nelson, Richland, MT for $7,500. BB Packman 1129 is a March 13, 2011, son of Messmer Packer S008 with EPDs of: BW -1.0, WW 60, YW 102 and Milk 14.

Two bulls sold for $7,250 each, Lot 44, Bar M Rob Roy 9119-1147, a March 14, 2011, son of Leland Rob Roy 9119W sold to Don Shilke, Alamo, ND. Lot 68, Bar M Right Kind U199-1225, a April 2, 2011 son of Buffalo Creek The Right Kind U199 went to Radley Jepsen, Bowbells, ND

Three bred heifers sold at $5750 each:

Lot 82, Bar M Ms Grand Bear, a March 8, 2010, daughter of 5L Grand Bear 205-156V sold to Frank Mack, Triple M Ranch, Bismarck, ND. This heifer was AI bred to Larson Sun King.

Madri Blom, Vida, MT purchased Lots 85 and 86. Bar M Ms Sequoia 0111 is a March 15, 2010, U Bar Red Sequoia daughter bred to Larson Sun King and Bar M Ms Grand Bear 0145 is a March 21, 2010, daughter of 5L Grand Bear 205-156V and bred to Larson Son King.

The high selling registered open heifer was Lot 94, BB Ms Moxie 1159. She sold to Alan and Barb Detienne, Parshall, ND for $2,750.

There were two drafts of commercial open heifers that sold for $2,400 each. F








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