Sale: Gill Red Angus annual spring bull and female sale |

Sale: Gill Red Angus annual spring bull and female sale

Courtesy photoSpeaking is Mr. Clint Berry, Commerical Marketing Director, with the National Red Angus Association, making opening comments about the growth of the Red Angus breed, and a great time to be had in the cattle business. (top from left) Ranch owner, Marketing and Breeding Manager Bryan Gill and Colonial Roger Jacobs.

Sale: Gill Red Angus annual spring bull and female sale

Date: Feb. 21, 2012

Location: At the ranch, Timber Lake, SD

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs

Averages: 185 bulls – $4,795; 104 head of two-year-old bulls – $5,360; 81 head of yearling bulls – $4,070; 93 commercial-bred heifers – $2,031; 87 commercial-open replacement heifers – $1,359

Top selling bulls, two-year-olds:

Lot 27 is a LMG Gills Wide Spread, son who of had a 78-pound birth weight and weaned off at 835 pounds. Sold to Otto Red Angus, Grace City, ND, for $8,750.

Lot 3 is a son of LMG Gills Vin Diesel 7611, who weaned off at 820 pounds, and sold to Rodney Frickel, Atkinson, NE, for $8,500.

Lot 99 is a son of PIE Maximizer, who has a 73-pound birthweight and weaned off at 768 pounds. He sold to Robert Ziebert, Plankinton, SD, for $8,250.

Lot 8 is another LMG Gills Vin Diesel 7611 son, who was born with an 83-pound birthweight and weaned off at 793 pounds.He sold to Ron Opheim, Selby, SD

Yearling bulls:

Lot 110 is a Six Mile Full Throttle son, who has a 78-pound birthweight and weaned off at 750 pounds. He sold to Fick Red Angus, Inman, NE, for $10,000.

Lot 111, is a Lucht Diamond Back son, who weaned off at 700 pounds, and sold to Dan and Tara Hooper, Merriman, NE, for $8,500.

Lot 114, is another Lucht Diamond Back son who weaned off at 700 pounds, and sold to John Vleem, Lemmon, SD for $8,250.

Lot 132 is a Six Mile Sakic son, who had a birthweight of 84 pounds and weaned off at 821 pounds. He sold to Isaac Graesser, Colome, SD, for $8,250.

Commercial-bred heifers:

Two groups of five both sold for $2,400 with one package selling to Matt Johannes, Riverdale, ND, and the other package selling to Bill Anderson, Montpieler, ND.

Volume buyers were:

Claymore Ranch, McLaughlin, SD with nine bulls and 48 bred heifers.

Devin and Loren Roseland, Seneca, SD with eight bulls.

Sonny Sandquist, Trail City, SD with seven bulls, and Bruce Ranch, Hayes, SD with six bulls.

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