Sale: McConnell Angus 9th Annual Bull Sale |

Sale: McConnell Angus 9th Annual Bull Sale

Courtesy photoBill Buntz purchased several bulls for True Ranches, of Casper, WY.

Sale: McConnell Angus 9th Annual Bull Sale

Date: Feb. 10, 2012

Location: At the ranch near Dix, NE

Auctioneer: Lex Madden

Averages: 65 Two-year-old and 18 month old PAP tested bulls – $5,805; 90 Yearling Angus bulls – $5,196; 155 total bulls – $5,450

The families that make up McConnell Angus hosted their 9th annual bull sale to a standing room only crowd of eager buyers at the McConnell Angus sale facility near Dix, NE on Feb. 10.

The buyers came early and bid aggressively on this very uniform set of yearling and older bulls. The fall born 18-month-old and spring two-year-old bulls had all been pastured last summer and fed at Laramie, WY, and tested for PAP at 7,400 feet elevation. The higher scoring PAP bulls were in hot demand from cattlemen that run in higher elevations. There were bulls in this sale to meet most all ranchers’ bull needs from excellent calving ease with growth to powerful performance.

The top selling bull on the day was Lot 6, MA Payback 0454, an Aug. 29, 2010 son of SAV Pioneer 7301 with EPDs of: BW 2, WW 62, Milk 26 and YW 110. This bull had a 365 day weight of 1510 pounds with 38 scrotal and PAP score of 40. Hoot Owl Ranch, a long time repeat buyer, Englewood, CO was they buyer at $12,500.

Hoot Owl also purchased Lot 1, MA Upbeat 0456, an Aug. 26, 2010 son of Sitz Upward with EPDs of: BW 3.1, WW 70, Milk 37, YW 124, scrotal of 39 and 365 day weight of 1598 pounds This bull has a beef value of $71.17 and PAP score at 43. He sold for $12,000.

Selling at $11,000 was Lot 3, MA Upward 0207, an Aug. 17, 2010 son of Sitz Upward that posted EPDs of BW 1.6 WW 53 Milk 32 YW 111, with a 365 day weight of 1588 pounds and PAP score of 38. McClun’s Lazy JM Ranch, Veteran, WY was the buyer.

Hoot Owl Ranch struck again at $11,000 on the top selling yearling bull, Lot 58, MA Upward 182. This Jan. 19, 2010 son of Sitz Upward has EPDs of: BW 2.1, WW 61, Milk 30, YW 114 and 365 day weight of 1395 pounds Another herd bull prospect with high dollar beef value of $70.23.

The next top selling yearling bull was lot 62, MA Bismarck Bounty 198, a calving ease son of SAV Bismarck with EPDs of: BW 0.8, WW 56, Milk 26, YW 97 and a REA of 14.3 square inches. Hoot Owl was the buyer at $10,000.

Three bulls topped out at $8,750:

Lot 2 MA Upward 0203, an Aug. 30, 2010 son of Sitz Upward sold to Mike and Joan McGill, Laramie, WY. Lot 35, MA Final Choice 0800, a Sept. 17, 2010 son of SAV Final Answer went to Krab Inc., Paxton, NE. Lot 57, MA Upward 175, a Jan. 15, 2011 son of Sitz Upward also went to Krab Inc., Paxton, NE.

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