Sale Report: Wilken Angus |

Sale Report: Wilken Angus

Date: Black Friday, Nov. 26, 2021

Location: at the ranch, Meadow, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Doug Dietterle, Meadow, South Dakota

TSLN Reps: Dan Piroutek and Scott Dirk


118 Two-Year-Old Angus Bulls – $6,239

Wilken Angus, owned by Gary and Lori Wilken, and their family, hosted a very large crowd for their annual “Black Friday” (day after Thanksgiving) two-year-old Angus bull sale. This sale was held at the Wilken Ranch in their beautiful new sale barn. This was a fun sale — Wilkens sells to many neighbors, as well as to some of the best commercial cattlemen across South Dakota.

This outstanding set of strong, two-year-old bulls made for a fast and aggressive sale. All left with ice cream and cupcakes at the end of the sale.

Volume buyers were Naber Ranch, Miller, SD, Porch Farms, Inc, Martin, SD, and Dwight Husted, Harrold, SD

Top Selling Bulls:

Lot 0134: $ 13,500 to Linn Ranch, Inc., Dupree, South Dakota – KM Broken Bow 002 x Final Answer

Lot 0137: $ 13,500 to Duprel Ranch, Vale, South Dakota – KM Broken Bow 002 x Payweight 1682

Lot 035: $ 12,500 to Casey Olson, Prairie City, South Dakota – SAV Resource 1441 x New Design 208

Lot 0144: $ 12,000 to Duprel Ranch, Vale, South Dakota – KM Broken Bow 002 x Predestined

Lot 040: $ 10,500 to Larry Thompson, Glenham, South Dakota – SAV Resource 1441 x Hoover Dam

Kyle and Mack Wyle, Ft. Pierre, SD, selected several top Wilken bulls.
Bill and Judy Porch, Martin, SD with Dan Piroutek at the Wilken Angus sale. The Porches have purchased bulls at nearly every Wilken Angus sale.
Collin and Darc Duprel of Vale, SD, bought one of the top bulls, a son of KM Broken Bow 002, at $13,500.

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