Sale: Whitestone Krebs Ranch 32nd Annual Production Sale |

Sale: Whitestone Krebs Ranch 32nd Annual Production Sale

Courtesy photoJeff Erquiaga, DVM, from Rushville, NE visits with repeat Whitestone Krebs bull buyer Doug Nelson, Gordon, NE at the Whitestone Krebs bull sale.

Sale: Whitestone Krebs Ranch 32nd Annual Production Sale

Date: Feb. 16, 2012

Location: At the ranch, Gordon, NE

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

Averages: 23 Fall yearling Angus bulls – $6,771; 202 Spring yearling Angus bulls – $7,347; 26 Simmental and SimAngus yearling bulls – $5,029

Whitestone Krebs Ranch held their 32nd annual bull sale at the ranch north east of Gordon, NE on Feb. 16. The sale had been moved up a couple weeks from past years to get ahead of spring thaw, mud and calving. That seemed to be a good move considering the larger than usual crowd of ranchers and purebred cattlemen that filled the seats for the sale.

Whitestone Krebs Ranch is one of those “must see” destination bull sales to attend in the Angus breed. Eldon Krebs has an eye for cattle that is hard to beat in the cattle industry. He can not only pick a good bull, he knows how to mate the top bulls in the Angus breed to the excellent females in the Whitestone Krebs cowherd to produce herd bulls. Herd bulls in this sale lineup consisted of Pine Ridge Hammer, WK Bobcat, WK Roger, WK Replay, VAR Rocky, and HARB Rick O’Shay to name a few.

Throughout the past 30 plus years, Eldon and Louisa Krebs and family along with partner George Lemm have developed one of the top seedstock programs in the Angus breed. The bulls and females from this ranch have proven themselves not only in the show ring, but in the breeding pasture, where the commercial cattlemen are the true judge. Bulls sold in price ranges to meet any commercial cattlemen’s budget with many bulls selling in the $3500-5000 range.

Topping the sale at $26,500 was Lot 33, WK Rocky 1052, a Jan. 17, 2011 son of VAR Rocky 80029. This bull had a moderate birthweight of 82-pounds, weaning weight of 824 pounds and yearling weight of 1408 pounds with EPDs of BW 1.7, WW 68, YW 117 and Milk 27. His dam is an Embryo-transfer flush mate sister to the up and coming herd bull WK Power Up. Wilde Angus, Shevlin, MN was the buyer.

Selling at $25,000 was Lot 63, WK Rocky 1004, a Jan. 21, 2011 flush brother to the Lot 33 bull listed above. This bull weaned off at 751 pounds and weighted 1415 as a yearling. Alta Genetics, Balzac, AB, CA was the buyer.

Lot 69 topped out at $20,000 selling to May-Way Farms, Baldwin City, KS. This Feb. 5, 2011 heifer bull prospect sired by Pine Ridge Hammer, has EPDs of BW 0.1, WW 68, YW 122, Milk 20 and is out of a high producing cow that has had seven calves WR of 110 and YR of 107.

Lot 35, WK Reward 1003, a Jan. 17, 2011 bull with EPDs of BW 2.2, WW 55, YW 100 and Milk 21. This bull was sired by WK Reward and is out of the high producing donor cow WK Miss 6191, who is also the dam of WK Power Up. Kevin Retallick, Glen Haven, WI was the buyer at $17,000.

Selling at $16,000 was Lot 25, WK Rocky 1231, a Ja. 22, 2011 son of VAR Rocky, with EPDs of BW 2.7, WW 66, YW 112 and Milk 24. This bull weaned off the cow at 817 pounds and weighed 1630 pounds at the year mark. Thomas Ranch, Harrold, SD was the buyer.

Alta Genetics stepped up again to purchase Lot 70, WK Hammer 1088, a Feb. 16, 2011 son of Pine Ridge Hammer, with EPDs of BW 1.8, WW 73, YW 126 and Milk 24. This bull had a weaning ratio of 111 and sold for $15,500.

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