Sandmeier Charolais Annual Bull Sale |

Sandmeier Charolais Annual Bull Sale

Don Vosika, Shakopee, Minn., bought Lot 3179 for $6,500.

Date: Mar. 7, 2014

Location: At the ranch, West of Bowdle, S.D.

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar and Seth Weishaar

Reported by: Dan Piroutek and Chris Effling

Averages: 66 Two-yr-old Charolais Bulls: $6,125

27 Fall Charolais Bulls: $5,490

84 Yrlg Charolais Bulls: $5,916

Sandmeier Charolais Ranch, owned by Cal and Gary Sandmeier and their families, hosted a big crowd for their best sale ever!!

This herd has been well known for providing large groups of “look alike” bulls for their commercial customers. The Sandmeiers have fed cattle so they know the economic cost of this business and the genetics it takes to get the job done for the least cost. However, they still believe that the best economic trait is crossbreeding Charolais bulls on English cows, and they strive to find the most desirable genetics to achieve the best calves for their customers.

In my mind, this was the best set of bulls this good firm has ever offered, and I mean, from top to bottom. Cal and Gary work extra hard on the efficiency in the beef cattle industry. They increasingly select for feed efficiency and tenderness traits. And, as always, bulls are selected for structural correctness and disposition.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 3364, a March yearling bull sired by Keys Tenacious 10W (polled). Terry and Brett Henderson, Lodgepole, S.D., paid $11,500 to own this good bull. With a 96 lb. birth weight, he weaned at 902 lb. and grew to a yearling weight of 1478 lb. He had a 39 cm. scrotal measurement and a rib eye area of 17.59 sq. in.

Lot 3143 also sold to the Hendersons. At $11,000, he was another March yearling son of Keys Tenacious 10W (polled), and out of SCR Miss McTender 6600. Born at 94 lb., he weaned at 845 lb., and attained a yearling weight of 1,376 lb. His EPDs were BW 2.1, WW 32, YW 59, and TM 15.

Triple U Enterprises, Akaska, S.D., liked many of these bulls and topped their purchases with Lot 3092 at $10,500. This March yearling was sired by SCC Charlie X 331 (polled). He had an 84 lb. birth weight, a weaning weight of 826 lb., and a yearling weight of 1,340 lb. to go with a rib eye area of 16.54 sq. in. His BW EPD was 0.8.

Selling for $10,000 was Lot 3025. He was another March yearling bull with a weaning weight of 754 lb. and a yearling weight of 1,276 lb. This son of Keys Tenacious 10W (polled) sold to Mike Peterson, Cresbard, S.D.

Eagle Nest Ranch, Lodgepole, S.D., chose Lot 2422 at $9,500. He was a son of Keys Tenacious 222U (polled). This May two year old bull was born at 90 lb., weaned at 818 lb., and grew to a yearling weight of 1,413 lb.

Triple U purchased Lots 3332, 3230, and 3268, all at $9500 each. These were all yearling bulls. They were sired by WIENK, DCR Mr Buckle Assert, and Duke.

This was just a fantastic sale for this very hard working family. The shaved rare roasted beef served before the sale was voted by the ringmen to be at the top of the charts.