Sara Bauder Transitions to New Role as SDSU Extension Forage Field Specialist

Brookings, S.D. – Sara Bauder, former SDSU Extension Agronomy Field Specialist based out of the Mitchell Regional Extension Center, has transitioned to a new role as the SDSU Extension Forage Field Specialist.

“Sara has a high commitment to forage extension, both to growers and users, in the state of South Dakota,” said Alexander Smart, SDSU Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources Senior Program Leader. “As an agronomy specialist, she trained herself to be an expert on forages in both annual and perennial crops. Sara’s passion and energy is contagious – she will help elevate the importance this resource has to the agricultural economy in South Dakota.”

Bauder holds both a bachelor’s degree in agricultural education and a master’s degree in plant science from South Dakota State University, and has been serving as the SDSU Extension Agronomy Field Specialist since 2016.

In her previous role, Bauder worked with a variety of crops and producers. Over the past several years, she has emphasized how important it is to have the ability to provide information on forages to people throughout South Dakota, which is one of the top forage producing states in the U.S.

Sara Bauder

“I really love the area of forages and feel that South Dakota growers are very underserved with resources and education in this field,” said Bauder.

Through her work as an agronomy field specialist, Bauder has conducted research on forages and has worked with many growers and industry personnel to establish the first forage association in South Dakota. In her new position, she hopes to continue the work she has done with forages while expanding on existing forage programming efforts, as time and funding allows.

“I enjoy working with people and their diverse situations, and this position will allow me to do just that,” said Bauder. “I also love the crossover of working with both livestock and plants and how they interact. I’m looking forward to closing the information gap and giving the forage industry more attention.”

For more information or questions about forages, contact Sara Bauder, SDSU Extension Forage Field Specialist, at or 605-995-7378.

–SDSU Extension

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