Schiefelbein Farms 23rd Annual Sale |

Schiefelbein Farms 23rd Annual Sale

Kenny Entze, Golden Valley, N.D.

Date: Feb. 15, 2014

Location: Kimball, Minn.

Auctioneers: Lynn Weishaar and Ty Thompson

Reported by: Jim Shirley for TSLN

295 Angus Bulls $1,923,750.00 Avg. $6,521

236 Angus Bulls $1,481,000.00 Avg. $6,275

59 SimAngus Bulls $ 442,750.00 Avg. $7,504

47 Registered Bred Angus Heifers $271,250.00 Avg. $5,771

A light snow fell the entire day of the Schiefelbein Farms Annual Sale and a brisk wind made road conditions a little difficult. Despite the weather, a huge crowd showed up to purchase seedstock from this outstanding offering. The bulls continue to improve and are backed by better performance data each year at this family operation.

Lot 94: Schiefelbein Ike 443, a Feb. 15, 2013 son of Hoover Dam out of a B/R New Frontier 095 dam topped the bull sale going to Lake States Cattle, Grand Rapids, Mich., for a bid of $24,000. He was a straight lined, stylish bull that posted EPD’s of BW+2.5; WW+61, YW+106 and superb carcass traits with a +103.28 $B.

Kevin Keckler, Eagle Butte, S.D., took home the second and fourth high selling bulls. He selected Lot 163, Schiefelbein Impression 393 for $18,000. He was a Feb. 15, 2013 son of Connealy Impressions, out of a daughter of SAV Bismarck 5682. He was a big bodied, high volume bull that posted growth EPD’s of +62 for WW and +101 for YW. Mr. Keckler also purchased Lot 68, Schiefelbein Big Poppy 923 for $13,500, a Feb. 23, 2013, son of CAR Efficient 534 and out of an own daughter of Final Answer. This bull was aptly named as he was the heaviest weaning weight Angus bull in this entire offering at 836 lbs. This high performance bull posted a +70 EPD for WW and a +114 for YW.

Kenny Entze, Golden Valley, N.D., took home the second high selling Angus bull of the day, Lot 214, Schiefelbein Siskel 1083, a Feb. 24, 2013, son of Schiefelbein Chief 3811, out of a HA Image Maker 0415 daughter for a final bid of $15,000. He was a calving ease bull with only a 72 lb. BW that posted a birth to yearling spread of +.6 for BW to +107 for YW. In addition to the great performance number, he was long, deep and thick.

Mark Boraas, Appleton, Minn., took home one of the really impressive bulls of the day when he selected Lot 78 for $13,000. He was sired by Sitz Upward 307R and out of a Mytty In Focus daughter. Not only was he long spined, deep, and stout, he possessed tremendous BPD’s with a +8 BW; +73 WW +128YW.

Also selling for $13,000 was Lot 196, a son of Mytty In Focus and out of a daughter of Sitz Upward 307R. His name was Schiefelbein Wolverine 3733. He was a calving ease bull with a +13 CED and a -0.6 for BW EPD yet posted a +116 for YW. In addition to the great EPD’s, he was deep and thick. He sold to Joe Wagner, Brandon, Minn.

Wagner also purchased the top selling SimAngus Bull of the day when he bid $16,000 to own Lot 96, Black Balancer Turbo 4313. He was an ET calf sired by Mr. NCL Upgrade U8676 and out of a Sitz Upward 307R daughter. He was big, deep, long, thick and stylish and had performance to burn. He weaned off at 809 lbs. and had a YW EPD +123.

Two SimAngus Balancer bulls sold for $14,000 each. The first was another ET calf, Lot 132, Black Balancer Odoyle 7183. He was a son of Mytty In Focus and out of a SimAngus daughter that was sired by SRS J914 Preferred Beef. This high volume, deep ribbed bull had -2.1 BW EPD and weighed off the cow at 832 lbs.

Kenny Entze bought the other $14,000 SimAngus Balancer bull when he purchased Lot 144, Black Balance 7073, a Feb. 12, 2013, son of Schiefelbein Effective 61. This calf posted a -2.3 EPD for BW and weaned off at 813 lbs.

The female portion of the sale was a fast paced event with buyers anxious to take home some of these outstanding bred heifers.

The top selling bred heifer of the day was Lot 296, Frosy Elba Lizzy 3272. She was sired by Connealy Impression and out of a daughter of Final Answer. She carried the service of Prophet and due 4-1-2014. She combined excellent performance numbers with a +.6 BW; +59 WW; +29 milk; +100 YW. With outstanding phenotype. She sold to B and L Fischbach Farms, Mellette, S.D., and Kirby Hufford, Morris Minn. For $27,500.

Three bred heifers sold for $7,00 each. The first was Lot 302, Frosty Elba 1742, a Schiefelbein Rhino 318 daughter due March 1, 2014, to Prophet. The second was Lot 306, Frosty Elba 2232, daughter of Mytty In Focus due March 1, 2014, to Hoover Dam.

The third female to sell for $7,000 was Lot 314 Frosty Lucy 7112. She was a daughter of SAV Pioneer 7301 and carried the service of VAR Reserve, due March 1, 2014.

The volume buyer of the day with 30 bulls was Kasper Cattle Co., Wilson, Kansas.

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