Schmidt Cattle Company 22nd Annual Bull Sale – "Bulls That Fit"

Dan Piroutek

Randy and Marj Schmidt and their family, owners of Schmidt Cattle Co., welcomed a nice crowd at Sheridan Livestock for their annual Charolais bull sale. This was a big, stout, well-grown set of bulls that expressed a tremendous amount of muscle and quality.

This is the 48th year of using Charolais cattle on the Schmidt ranch. They focus their breeding goals on raising bulls that will sire quality, heavy calves for their feeder cattle customers.

The Schmidts feed a lot of cattle and make a real effort to purchase calves from their bull customers. Most of the cattle are fed right on their ranch so it is a real opportunity to see the genetics at work.

The weather on sale day was extra nice, and Sheridan Livestock has a good facility for viewing the bulls. The sale was fast-paced and solid – start to finish.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 36, selling for $5,500 to Soreide Charolais from Bowman, ND. He was a son of SCC C055 145R PLD and out of a daughter of Baldridge Fabio 77F. He was a big, thick bull with an 88 pound birth weight, a weaning weight of 807 pounds, and a yearling weight of 1,332 pounds. His weaning weight ratio was 115 and the yearling weight ratio was 108. His EPDs were +0.4 BW, +35 WW, +52 YW, +5 MILK, and +22 TM.

The gavel fell at $5,300 with John Kost from Eagle Butte, SD being the new owner of Lot 15. This was a big, long, yellow tinted bull that was born as a twin. He was sired by SCC C055 145R PLD and out of a daughter of Wyoming Wind. With an 80 pound birth weight, he weaned at 759 pounds and reached a yearling weight of 1,313 pounds. His average daily gain was 3.46 pounds a day and his EPDs were +1.8 BW, +23 WW, +38 YW,+8 MILK and +20 TM.

Lot 14 sold for $4,750 to Thaler Livestock Co. from La Grange, WY. This son of LT Easy Blend 5125 PLD was out of a daughter of LT Pro Assert 4211 P and had a 90 pound birth weight. He weaned at 738 pounds to ratio 104 and grew to a yearling weight of 1,309 pounds to ratio 101. His ADG was 3.57 pounds a day and his EPDs were +1.4 BW, +39 WW, +65 YW, +2 MILK and +22 TM.

Todd O’Connor from Philip, SD found the Lot 50 bull and paid $4,500 to take him home. Sired by the PVF Cad 0731 PLD bull and out of a daughter of Schurrtop 9548 E120P, he had an 84 pound birth weight. He had a weaning weight of 767 pounds to ratio 112 and a yearling weight of 1,329 pounds to ratio 110. He posted EPDs of -0.5 BW, +30 WW, +55 YW, +3 MILK and +18 TM.