Schuler Red Angus Ranch 31st Annual Production Sale |

Schuler Red Angus Ranch 31st Annual Production Sale

HV Ranch, Sedgwick, CO, looking over the Schuler Red Angus bulls.

Date: March 28, 2013

Location: At the ranch, Bridgeport, NE

Average: 98 Red Angus & Schuler Reds Yearling Bulls – $4,376

A nearly 40-year intense AI program, utilizing the economically relevant traits such as fertility, soundness and disposition, was represented at the 31st Annual Schuler Red Angus production sale held at the ranch near Bridgeport, NE on March 28.

Butch, Susan and family presented this set of bulls in their working clothes. These bulls had been fed to achieve their genetic potential and not overly pushed for excessive feed gains. The bulls were in great sale condition, sound on their feet and were very well accepted by the buyers on hand.

Complimenting the Red Angus bulls was a group of Schuler Reds – bulls that have been developed as a way to implement a crossbreeding system for their customers, without rotational breeding pastures. The Schulers use select Simmental and Gelbvieh genetics along with Red Angus to create the Schuler Reds. These composite bulls maintain the convenience of Red Angus cattle, plus enhancing the heterosis of cross breeding. Resulting in heavier calves and cowherd longevity.

Topping the sale at $12,750 (half interest, full possession) was lot 2, Schuler First Down 2137Z, a 3/13/12 son of Leachman Deniro A090X with EPDs of BW -5.3, WW 58, YW 77, Milk 26. This top calving ease prospect had a weaning weight of 727 pounds to ratio at 119 and yearling weight of 1290 pounds, YR 119. Floyd Blackwill, Jr., Quinter, KS, won the bidding battle.

Another calving ease herd sire prospect with plenty of growth and performance sold at $10,250 (half interest, full possession) to Bieber Red Angus, Leola, SD and Accelerated Genetics, Baraboo, WI. Lot 1, Schuler Endurance 2101Z, a 2/17/12 son of Schuler Nebula P707 0050X with EPDs of BW -2.9, WW 63, YW 109, Milk 27 had a weaning weight of 727 pounds, WR of 112 and yearling weight 1332 pounds to ratio at 115.

Repeat bull buyers, Olsen Ranches, Inc., Harrisburg, NE, purchased the next high selling bull at $9,500 (half interest, full possession). Lot 3, Schuler Omygoodness 2121Z, a 3/9/12 son of Messmer Packer S008 with EPDs of BW -4.8, WW 52, YW 93, Milk 22.

Lot 22, Schuler Rebel Z003, a 2/19/12 son of Schuler Rebel 0029X with EPDs of BW -3.6, WW 66, YW 108, Milk 19 sold to Lone Rock Ranch, Sylvan Grove, KS, for $7,000.

Goseg Red Angus of Raymond, NE, purchased the next high selling bull, lot 73, Schuler Envoy 2115Z, a 2/29/12 son of Schuler Envy 7342T for $6,750. This bull posted EPDs of BW -3.4, WW 47, YW 79, Milk 30.

Lone Rock Ranch, Sylvan Grove, KS, struck again on lot 23, Schuler Rebel Z009, a 2/23/12 son of Schuler Rebel 0029X with EPDs of BW -4.8, WW 61, YW 95, Milk 26. This bull sold at $6,600.


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