Scrapie ID presentations available

Efforts to eliminate scrapie in the sheep and goat populations in the U.S. are succeeding. To ensure complete and successful eradication of this fatal degenerative brain disease, it is necessary to address identification requirements for both sheep and goats.

The “Goat Identification: Visual and Electronic” presentation and the “Identification Requirements of the National Scrapie Eradication Program for Sheep” presentations have been combined into one compact disc by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Scrapie Education Program (NSEP) with support from the National Institute for Animal Agriculture.

The presentations cover basic information regarding which sheep/goats are required to be identified. The main focus of the presentation explores approved ear tags and tattoos and their proper placement. The presentations also have sections about the use of registry tattoos and other identification methods and recordkeeping.

The presentation is also available at: in PDF format for downloading. An order form to request your free copy of the presentation is also available at this web address.

– American Sheep Industry