SD 4-H Rodeo to discuss changes Oct 26 |

SD 4-H Rodeo to discuss changes Oct 26

Reminder Annual meeting is Saturday, October 26th beginning at 10 am at Casey Tibb’s Rodeo Center in Ft Pierre. There will be the SD 4H Finals meeting followed by the layboard meeting. Proposed rule changes are:

At 4H Finals meeting:

1. Breakaway roping events will be run with an open gate at the finals.

At layboard meeting:

“It was really emotional for us to win this Remuda Award.”John Franzen

1. Add jr. boy bareback steer riding as a regional event and state finals event. And add jr. girls flag race as an event.

2. Replace the jr. boy flag race with jr. boy bareback steer riding at regional rodeos and state.

3. Add helmets as required safety equipment for jr. cattle riding and sr. bull riding. This is following HS rodeo rules.

4. Clean up language to require ambulances on site for regional rodeos but if ambulance garage is within 2 blocks or hospital is that close then can have UTV with EMTs as long as they have emergency airway and proper equipment for injuries.

5. Proposal to allow proxy voting at annual meeting.

6. Proposal to move SD State Finals 4H rodeo to the second weekend in August.

7. Proposal to have State 4H Finals Rodeo run from a Saturday to Monday rather than current Friday through Sunday schedule.

8. Proposal to re-enact a trade out rule which can be used for exactly 24 hours after draw is posted.

9. Add jr. dally team roping to regional rodeos and state finals rodeo.

10. Clarification wording/proposal for ambassador contestants to be entered in at least one other event at a regional rodeo. Cannot just enter ambassador contest alone at a regional rodeo.

Each regional rodeo and board members get one vote. If a rodeo is a 2 day rodeo, they have 2 votes but the votes have to be given by separate members of that rodeo’s committee.

If you have interest in these proposals please attend or visit with your local regional rodeo committees so your opinion is reflected in their vote.

–South Dakota 4-H Finals Rodeo