South Dakota Agricultural Foundation launches new Day of Giving fundraiser |

South Dakota Agricultural Foundation launches new Day of Giving fundraiser

Every producer understands the value of putting money back in the land. But an investment in agriculture through the South Dakota Agricultural Foundation has an impact on your community that can’t be measured in acres.

How will you back the land?

Pierre, S.D.; November 19, 2018 — South Dakota Agricultural Foundation launched its ‘Back The Land: 25 for 25’ fundraiser on November 19, in the run-up to the first ‘Day of Giving’ non-profit fundraising effort in South Dakota. With a goal to raise $25,000 in partnership with the SD Gives ‘Day of Giving’ activities on Tuesday, November 27, the Foundation is inviting South Dakotans to donate $25 as an investment in the future of agriculture through its Back The Land campaign.

The SD Ag Foundation is hoping to get support from at least 1000 individuals or organizations in this fundraising effort. Each $25 donation will be used to strengthen the Foundation’s ability to support more grassroots organizations through youth ag education and innovation grants and other programs.

A central goal of the SD Ag Foundation is to promote overall philanthropy in agriculture, and this is one of the many ways it’s looking to engage South Dakotans who are committed to investing in the future of agriculture in the state.

Earlier this year, the Foundation announced a $4 million challenge from Governor Dennis Daugaard and the South Dakota Community Foundation. In five short months, with POET stepping up to commit $250,000, the SD Ag Foundation has achieved approximately half of their goal by securing just under $2 million in philanthropic commitments through organizational and personal gifts.

These commitments are from individual donors, leading ag organizations like POET and through strategic partnerships with organizations like the Central Plains Dairy Foundation.

The South Dakota Agricultural Foundation, a sub-fund of the South Dakota Community Foundation, was founded on National Ag Day 2016, focusing on human capital development, industry diversification and growth, promotion of and service to agriculture, and working lands conservation. It recently awarded 23 grants totaling $34,165 toward youth ag education and community building initiatives across South Dakota. The Foundation will be announcing 2019 grant awardees early in the coming year.

South Dakotans can support the South Dakota Agricultural Foundation in the ‘Back The Land: 25 for 25’ fundraiser here:

–South Dakota Ag Foundation

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