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S.D. beef producers capitalize on New York partnership

South Dakota beef producers are utilizing a long-standing partnership with the New York Beef Council to reach east coast consumers with a positive beef message. Each year, the New York Farm Tour brings consumer influencers to rural areas. This year two South Dakota beef producers will help provide insight into modern beef production in the more wide-open spaces of the Midwest.

“The sheer size and scope of some of our beef operations in places like South Dakota can sometimes be difficult for consumers in more densely-populated areas to really grasp,” said Suzy Geppert, executive director, South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC). “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase how today’s family farmers and ranchers combine scientific advances with family tradition.”

Geppert says the SDBIC state-to-state partnerships relieve pressure on states like New York, with low cattle numbers compared to the population. South Dakota Checkoff investments provide opportunity for states in the Northeast to target consumer, influencer, culinary professionals and youth through educational events and activities.

Jean O’ Toole, executive director, New York Beef Council says having input from South Dakota beef producers will help increase understanding of beef production. “Our attendees always have questions about the big operations in the West. This allows us to bring the New York consumer a first-hand understanding of who those producers are, and how they run their operations.”

O’Toole and Kita Roberts, a popular New York blogger, will visit South Dakota in mid-June to share how they use social media in the Northeast to impact beef consumption. They will also tour various cattle operations and provide consumers a firsthand blogging experience of the South Dakota operations.

To learn more about the SDBIC’s state-to-state partnerships, visit sdbeef.org.

–South Dakota Beef Council

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