SD: COOL resolution, CAFO bill |

SD: COOL resolution, CAFO bill

The South Dakota Senate approved a resolution that asks President Trump to include mandatory country of origin labeling for beef in the U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement.

District 29 State Senator Gary Cammack of Union Center has pushed for the resolution, saying in a KBHB story that Country of Origin Labeling is important, and he and others would like to see the President and trade delegates implement COOL as part of the official policy of the United States.

He said the issue needs to be brought before Mexico and Canada.

South Dakota Stockgrowers Association executive director James Halvorson said his group appreciates the significant support the Senate saw on the COOL bill. “We are very hopeful it will pass the House with as much support as it did in the Senate,” he said.

The group believes this may be the opportunity they’ve been waiting for to get President Trump’s attention.

“Senator Rounds told me that he’d take it to the President if it passes,” said Halverson.

The South Dakota House still needs to take up the resolution. A resolution is non-binding statement of the legislature that does not carry the weight of a law.


The South Dakota Senate State Affairs committee approved a CAFO bill intended to “streamline the zoning permitting process” last week, according to the Rapid City Journal.

Governor Noem testified in support of the bill, SB 157, saying it would “spur development in the state,” she was quoted as saying in the Journal.

A “vocal few” can hijack the conversation about permitting of CAFOs, she said.

Senator Troy Heinert, D-Mission, said that the “vocal few” are from that particular county, and deserve a say.

The committee passed the bill 6-3, and now it will be discussed by the full Senate.