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S.D. FFA honors advisors, awards student scholarships

BATH — Agriculture education teachers/FFA advisors make a world of difference for the students they teach. This spring students put into words, as part of an FFA Advisor Tribute Scholarship application, how their ag teachers/FFA advisors have impacted their lives. Thirteen outstanding examples of amazing teachers impacting their students have been chosen and winning students will each receive scholarships to attend a SD FFA Leadership Retreat this summer. Molly Dye, Deuel; Madilyn Wright, Groton; Kaitlyn Graff, Madison; Marie Robbins, Brookings; Seth Petersen, Garreston; Emily Malsom, Garrseton; Nikki Peters Madison; Elizabeth DeBoer, Deuel; Jessica Colville, Lemmon; Randi Tivis, Sturgis; Shelby Ruland, Wall; Kade Wagner, Rapid City and Ash Grenstiner, Wall earned scholarships.

The students wrote essays about how their FFA advisors have made an impact on their lives. Each of these students thinks their advisor is one of the best, and is happy to say so.

• Kade Wagner, Rapid City junior, comments, “Ms. Genetie Hendrix pushes me to do my best in school, work and life. She encouraged me to be less quiet and not be in the back all the time. She doesn’t accept ‘I can’t’ as an answer, as she always believes we are capable of something impressive.”

• Madilyn Wright, Groton FFA junior shares, “My FFA Advisor, Adam Franken, has been one of the most influential people in my life. He always pushes me to try things, even though I do not want to do them at first. He does not push me to do them because he wants me to do them, but because he knows in the end it will make me a better person.”

• Ash Grenstiner, Wall freshman shares, “Ms. Dani Herring’s ambition rubs off on others around her. Even on the worst day ever she makes me smile. She goes the extra mile and has taught me and many other students to do the same.”

• Shelby Ruland, also from Wall adds, “Ms. Dani Herring always pushes us to try new things. She isn’t afraid to be herself and show students they can be whatever they aspire to be. As a freshman, I was shy and scared to try new things. Ms. Herring showed me new things lead to new stories, new friends, and new accomplishments I never thought I could achieve.”

• Marie Robbins, Elkton senior says, “The most important thing my advisor, Mr. Robbins, has taught me is how to be patient. Good things do not happen in the snap of a finger. I also learned from him to do a job right the first time. If you don’t, you will most likely have to do it over.”

• Seth Peterson, Garretson FFA freshman members says, “Ms. Alysha Kientopf, as a new teacher, taught me ‘You don’t get what you don’t work for’. She also has taught me the importance of agriculture. I can’t wait to learn more.”

• Emily Malsom, Garreston FFA junior shares, “Mr. Ed Mueller taught me the value of hard work through our chapter’s charity garden. Although not an expert in floriculture, his encouragement to have one more practice before a contest or to visit the greenhouse to see the plants up close again paid off. Winning state was a result of his consistency, encouragement, and practices. He was like a second dad.”

• Nikki Peters and Kaitlyn Graff, both Madison FFA juniors, express thanks to both their advisors. “Mr. Eric Fritz helped us become more outgoing and outspoken by reaching out and encouraging us to do things outside of our comfort zones we wouldn’t otherwise do. Mrs. Lori Christensen encourages and helps us strengthen skills and abilities in and out of the classroom. They both push us to do our best and try different FFA activities.”

• Molly Dye, Deuel FFA freshman shares, “Mrs. Marie Jaacks turned me into an advocate for agriculture and a leader I never dreamt of being. She is right beside me for all my hardships and successes. What I like most is she admits to not being perfect. She makes mistakes and forgets things, but teaches us how to learn from our mistakes by sharing personal experience, not as someone who never makes mistakes.”

• Elizabeth DeBoer, also from Deuel FFA, says thanks, “Mrs. Marie Jaacks has taught me to be more patient with myself and others; to see humor in life even when it’s hard; to accept things I can’t change; how to deal with things I have no power over and keep my cool in those situations; and how to push through struggles and uphold promises and responsibilities that were previously made. Because of Mrs. Jaacks I have become a better leader, student and person.”

• Jessica Colville, Lemmon FFA seniors comments, “Mrs. Etta Knuth, is a catalyst, by definition, a person that precipitates an event or change; or a person whose talk, enthusiasm, or energy causes others to be more friendly, enthusiastic, or energetic. Mrs. Knuth embodies this with her amazing ability to get even the shyest students, like myself, to try new and amazing things.”

• Randi Tivis, Sturgis FFA junior expresses his thanks to advisor Mr. Brett Monson, “Mr. Monson is friendly, intelligent, hard-working, has a great sense of humor, and a passion for agriculture. He makes learning easy and fun! He encouraged me to be the best person I can possibly be and helped me discover a love of judging rangeland, which I plan to study in college. Naturally a shy, introverted person, Mr. Monson helped me break free from my shell and become involved in my school and chapter. F

–South Dakota FFA

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