SD Stockgrowers join Beefman to promote USA beef across the nation |

SD Stockgrowers join Beefman to promote USA beef across the nation

The South Dakota Stockgrowers Association (SDSGA) is thrilled to join Beefman Tom Connelley of Belle Fourche, SD in the first ever National Day of the American Cowboy “Cowboy Capitol Challenge.”

A friendly competition between Stephenville, TX and Oakdale, CA, who both claim to be “Cowboy Capitol of the Nation,” will include a contest in which each town sells raffle tickets on one-half of a USA-raised beef.

Connelley, with the help of sponsors including SDSGA, will donate one-half of a cornfed, USA-raised beef to each town, and the town that sells the most ten dollar raffle tickets will be declared the Cowboy Capitol of the Nation for one year.

According to SDSGA Executive Director Margaret Nachtigall of Rapid City, SD, “The monetary benefit from the beef raffle will go to the respective towns, but the promotional benefit for beef will go to all producers.”

Past SDSGA President Rick Fox of Hermosa, SD is excited about the chance to promote USA-raised beef in two large cities.

“I’m proud to be part of an organization that supports USA Beef and is interested in reaching consumers in large numbers,” says Fox. “What an innovative way to get beef-eaters thinking about the origin of their beef!”

Fox says that while he is disappointed that the Beef Checkoff is unable to promote USA Beef, he appreciates Beefman and the Stockgrowers Board of Directors for taking the opportunity to do it.

“Advertising just plain ‘beef’ doesn’t necessarily help the U.S. producer because imported beef is so readily available,” says Fox. “Consumers have to realize the benefits of USA-raised beef, and select it at the meat counter, in order for the ‘trickle down’ to benefit me as a U.S. producer. Since Country of Origin Labeling will be readily available beginning in October, we want consumers to start thinking about USA-raised beef, and asking for it.”

He compares it to the automobile industry.

“You never see any of the car-makers like Ford or Chevy paying for ads that tell consumers to ‘buy a car.’ That would be foolish,” said Fox. “They promote their own product and that is what we are trying to do by advertising USA-raised beef.”

Connelley sees this contest as an opportunity to promote the positive benefits of USA-raised beef.

“The media has had their day of negative beef coverage,” said Connelley. “I want to promote the true story about how U.S. ranchers care for their cattle and produce the safest beef in the world, USA beef.”

Please see the following links to vote on the contest and to buy a chance on half a beef to be shipped from Beefman to the raffle winner:;;

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