SD Stockgrowers: Legislative update |

SD Stockgrowers: Legislative update

The legislature continues to push through its workload with limits on testimony time and afternoon and evening hearings. They are coming up against the crossover deadline. All bills must have passed out of their house of origin by this Friday the 23rd. So, that means all bills must have a committee hearing by Thursday the 22nd. Once crossover day is in the rear view mirror, the workload will drop sharply as many bills don’t survive committee or floor action in their house of origin.

Appropriators have identified $18 million in “extra” funds for the coming year. Three groups are pushing for a share of that money: state employees, community support providers, and education.

Stockgrowers’ Legislative Issues

Last week our bill (SB 156) to give the Brand Board the option to do requested brand inspections out of the brand inspection district was passed by the House Ag Committee. That is awaiting consideration by the full House. The House is focused on clearing out their House bills before they’ll take up Senate bills

The Senate Ag. Committee passed HB 1219, to permit night hunting with written permission from a landowner rather than the current law which requires the landowner to be present with folks hunting at night.

Legislative attacks on last summer’s non-meandered water compromise may have run out of steam with the passage this week of SB 24, revert back to the original sunset date of 2021, and the death last week of SB 199. Opponents of the compromise may look to the ballot to continue their fight.

HB 1139, the bill to amend laws relating to adverse possession on fence lines, has passed the House with an amendment to limit the bill’s scope to court findings of adverse possession and not simple a neighbor’s claim of adverse possession.

SB 29, the Brand Board’s proposal for fee increases passed the Senate this week. Stockgrowers took a neutral position on the bill.

–South Dakota Stockgrowers Association

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