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S. Dakota Stockgrowers are urging producers to comply with trich rules

South Dakota Stockgrowers Association is urging producers to comply with the state’s rules governing Trichomoniasis. The association sent a letter to the SD Animal Industry Board urging their support for enforcement of the rules given the recent findings of Trich in South Dakota.

“We know that a lot of cows are moving this fall because of the drought and because of the economic down turn,” said Bill Kluck, President of the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association. “We want to make sure that people aren’t cutting corners or being relaxed about the rules we have in place. The Trich situation is serious and we certainly don’t want it to get worse.”

According to the South Dakota Animal Industry Board, 15 cases of Trich were identified in the state in 2016, in the five years prior, a total of only 9 cases were found in the state. Most instances are discovered when herd bulls are being tested prior to the breeding season. Females can also carry the disease which is transmitted during breeding and can cause early term abortions.

Kluck says it takes education and enforcement of the rules to make sure Trich stays under control. “Ranchers need to know the rules and follow them every time they are buying cows and bulls, but we also need to make sure the Animal Industry Board is using their authority to discipline folks that are taking cows back home when they know they aren’t supposed to.”

Ranchers and livestock dealers are reminded that South Dakota rules for Trichomoniasis require the following:

Non-virgin bulls must be tested negative for trichomoniasis prior to being sold, loaned or leased in South Dakota for breeding purposes;

Any non-virgin bull entering South Dakota must be tested negative for trichomoniasis

No non-virgin and non-pregnant female cattle may imported, loaned, leased nor acquired for breeding purposes in South Dakota.

All licensed livestock dealers in the State of South Dakota are required to comply with all rules of the Animal Industry Board. Failure to comply may result in penalties or revocation of their license.

The Animal Industry Board does respond to complaints and anyone who has knowledge of violation of Trich rules is encouraged to report those to their livestock veterinarian or directly to the Animal Industry Board by calling 605-773-3321.

–South Dakota Stockgrowers Association

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