SD Stockgrowers receive "Just One Cow" contribution |

SD Stockgrowers receive "Just One Cow" contribution

The South Dakota Stockgrowers Association (SDSGA) is excited that donations are materializing for the “Just One Cow” Challenge. According to SDSGA Executive Director Margaret Nachtigall of Rapid City, SD, the organization recently received a donation from member Bob Hutchinson of White River, SD, for the amount of a late-calving heifer he just sold.

Nachtigall said that Hutchinson challenged other members to contribute the value of a dry or late calving cow, a “scrub” calf, a horse, or whatever they might be taking to town this time of year.

“Everyone’s got some dry cows to sell in the late spring, and I would just like to challenge producers to think about asking the sale barn to send a check for the value of one of those cows directly to the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association,” said Hutchinson. “The Stockgrowers do so much for South Dakota cattle producers – lobbying in Pierre and Washington, DC, traveling to NAIS meetings, keeping in touch with USDA. To me as a producer, they are an invaluable ‘hired man’ and if I can keep them working for me with just the value of one dry cow, well, that’s pretty cheap labor.

“The Stockgrowers have fought hard to keep mandatory animal identification from being implemented. Even if that were the only issue they worked on, they have saved me thousands of dollars. And that is just one of many, many issues they deal with on a daily basis to help keep the industry independent and successful,” added Hutchinson.

Nachtigall and the SDSGA Board of Directors said they appreciate Hutchinson’s contribution and is excited about the “Just One Cow” challenge. “We hope other producers value our work as much as Bob does, and we’d like to see them take him up on his challenge,” said Nachtigall.

Nachtigall said that checks can be sent to: South Dakota Stockgrowers Association, 426 St. Joseph, Rapid City, SD, 57701.

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