SD Stockgrowers support Schumacher |

SD Stockgrowers support Schumacher

Several South Dakota Stockgrowers Association members extended a show of support for Herman Schumacher as they attended a news conference at the front door of his home in Herried, SD on Friday, June 26, 2009.

Over 100 producers and consumers along with news reporters, TV cameramen, and others gathered on Schumacher’s front lawn to hear why Tyson Fresh Meats had placed ‘Warning’ and ‘No Trespassing’ signs on his front door.

Schumacher has the strange position of having to pay court costs to Tyson for class action suit Schumacher et al vs. Tyson et al even though the jury unanimously found for the plaintiffs and awarded the class $9.25 million for damages. Tyson however, filed and won an appeal before a three-judge panel who agreed that Tyson and others were guilty of the damages to Schumacher and co-plaintiffs, however, they did not prove intent.

Tyson then filed a judgment lien against Schumacher’s home in Herried to “help defray expenses.”

Co-Plaintiff Mike Callicrate of St. Francis, KS, one of several speakers said, “I think that today is a defining moment in our history. Will we continue to allow the big packers to steal our cattle, wiping out our independent farmers and ranchers while allowing big retailers to charge high prices to consumers? Will we be allowed to grow our own food?”

South Dakota Stockgrowers Association President Larry Nelson of Buffalo, SD agreed saying, “We still have to fight for our rights on these issues if we want to continue to own and operate family ranches. If we don’t we will soon see the cattle industry vertically integrated as the pork and poultry industries are today.”

Nelson also said, “We are proud to stand in support of Herman Schumacher who gives so much of his time and energy, not to mention paying his own expenses, in his fight for fair markets for family farmers and ranchers.”

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