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SDQHA 50 Year and Legacy Breeder Special Features

Legacy Breeders

  • Lowell Thomas Barrett
  • Dean Hereford Farms
  • Jerry G and/or M Sue Golliher
  • Harry Kenzy
  • Ronald H Krogman
  • Lee Lopez
  • South Dakota State University
  • Don and Kathleen Strain
  • James L Sutton
  • Raymond Sutton
  • Triple U Enterprises
  • R C or J I Waldner
  • Gene Hunt

Fifty Year Breeders

  • Broken Heart Ranch
  • Dr. R M or Linda L Christensen
  • Glen W Hollenbeck
  • John G Johnson
  • John Knippling
  • Gilbert and/or Zelda Lutter
  • Arthur and/or Frankie Reeves
  • Dean Reeves
‘Cowboy at heart’

January 10, 2018

He rode broncs in a remuda, served in the United States Army, taught high school in three states, raised fine Quarter Horses for more than fifty years, fathered two sons, and married the best woman...