SDSU Extension Hosts Sheep Production Programs to Evaluate Lamb Marketing Strategies for 2016 |

SDSU Extension Hosts Sheep Production Programs to Evaluate Lamb Marketing Strategies for 2016

Sheep producers are invited to attend a Sheep Production program to help them evaluate marketing options for the 2016 lamb crop.

“In these challenging times of low agriculture commodity prices producers need to evaluate and consider marketing alternatives that will provide a greater assurance toward profitability,” said Dave Ollila, SDSU Extension Sheep Field Specialist. “These practices enable producers to manage risk and at the same time allow flexibility in order to take advantage of positive market movements.”

Ollila is among the presenters during the “Sheep Production Education Program-Evaluating Lamb Marketing Options for 2016”. The sessions will be held in Newell and Buffalo April 7, 2016.


Newell Session will be held at TJ’s Café (301 Dartmouth Avenue, Newell, SD 57760) Thursday, April 7, at 3 p.m.

Buffalo Session will be held at the #3 Saloon (US-85, Buffalo, SD 57720) Thursday, April 7 at 7 p.m.

Along with Ollila, Brad Anderson, Procurement Director for Mountain States Lamb Cooperative will also present.

Ollila’s presentation will focus on the results of South Dakota post weaning lamb performance program, and will include lamb shrink information, feedlot performance, carcass merit, carcass value, costs of gain, determining the natural “end point” for market lambs and managing risk scenarios.

Anderson’s presentation will focus on marketing your lambs through a cooperative, and will include information on cooperative structure, procurement process, explanation of producer receipts, carcass pricing scenarios, producer/feeder/packer relationships, developing lamb producer marketing groups, and ownership of cooperative shares.

“We encourage sheep producers to attend one of these sessions to help them increase sheep enterprise profitability by determining the natural end point of cost effective lamb growth and incorporating risk management strategies,” Ollila said.

Along with SDSU Extension, sponsors of the sessions include: American Sheep Industry Association’s – Let’s Grow through change committee; Mountain States Lamb Cooperative, James Erk Insurance Agency – Buffalo, First National Bank- Newell, TJ’s Café – Newell, #3 Saloon- Buffalo, South Dakota Sheep Growers Association.

–SDSU Extension