SDSU meat judging team has success in two national events |

SDSU meat judging team has success in two national events

Photo courtesy SDSUSouth Dakota State University's meat judging team took part in two recent national events. Members of the team include, from left, coach Sarah Wells, Emily Evans, Tyler Grussing, Amanda Stade, Matt Altman, Ashley Roelfs, Drew Edleman, Jarrod Bumsted and assistant coach Matt Grussing. Not pictured is team member Ben Daniels.

South Dakota State University’s meat judging team placed second in two recent national competitions.

The team placed first in lamb judging and second overall at the Jan. 18 National Western Stock Show in Greeley, CO. They took first in beef judging and second overall at the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show, held Feb. 7 in Dallas.

There were more than 80 participants in the events from 11 teams.

SDSU’s team includes Matt Altman of Lismore, MN; Jarrod Bumsted of Akron, IA; Ben Daniels of Eldora, IA; Drew Edleman of Willow Lake, SD; Emily Evans of Pipestone, MN; Tyler Grussing of Kimball, SD; Ashley Roelfs of Sanborn, IA; and Amanda Stade of Jackson, MN.

Sarah Wells is the team’s coach and Matt Grussing serves as the team’s assistant coach.

Individuals who received honors in Colorado included Grussing, who finished first in lamb judging and eighth overall. Edleman placed sixth overall, third in placings, fourth in pork judging, and fifth in overall beef judging. Evans placed fourth in lamb judging, while Stade was 10th overall, fifth in lamb judging, second in pork judging, and second in written reasons.

In Texas, SDSU’s team placed second in specifications and lamb judging, and took first in placings. Individuals honored at the Southwestern included Edleman, who was eighth overall, first in placings, and fourth in lamb judging, Evans, a ninth-overall finisher and who took fourth in specifications.

Grussing took second in beef judging and fourth in placings, while Stade took fourth in beef judging and finished fifth in both overall beef and placings.

Sarah Wells said the team’s determination led to their success. “We were close to winning both events, but we left both Colorado and Texas without any feelings of regret,” she said. “The experiences from these two events will sharpen our team as the judging season continues.”

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