Senate Ag Committee cattle market hearing coming up |

Senate Ag Committee cattle market hearing coming up

There was a commitment made recently to hold a hearing in the Senate Ag Committee on cattle market challenges.

Senator Boozman, from Arkansas, the top Republican on the committee, made the commitment regarding an upcoming hearing.

“I think the livestock industry is in a very, very difficult situation right now. We need to understand what’s exactly gong on in that regard and begin to offer solutions,” he said.

Fischer also made an announcement May 27, 2021, during the committee meeting, that she is working on new legislation to better enable the Justice Department and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to address competition problems and potential beef market manipulation.

It is important to increase partnership between key federal agencies on antitrust and agriculture issues to ensure producers are not being harmed by anti-competitive activity, said the aide.

Fischer and Ron Wyden introduced the Cattle Market Transparency Act earlier this year.

The Senate Ag Committee held a hearing May 27, 2021, to interview Janie Simms Hipp for the position of General Counsel of the US Department of Agriculture.

In response to a question from Fischer, about the historic spread between boxed beef price and live cattle prices, Hipp said she will work closely with DOJ.

“I believe I’m seeing a bipartisan approach to this issue that has risen to a level I haven’t seen before… and so I pledge to you all and the committee and you that we will be strong voice and we will sit down with DOJ… this issue is very important,” said Hipp.

Hipp serves as the chief executive officer of the Native American Agriculture Fund, working out of Fayetteville, Arkansas and has not yet been confirmed.

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