Shop local and win big |

Shop local and win big

One shopper will win a mug like this after sharing a selfie while shopping small on Small Business Saturday. Image courtesy Yeti

While visiting small businesses the Saturday after Thansgiving, take a selfie with business owners, staff, signage, or unique finds and post them to our Facebook page ( )with the label, #ShopSmallTSLN, to become eligible to win a 30 oz. YETI travel mug.

When you buy your Christmas gifts at the local hardware store, boutique or from your neighboring ranch wife, instead of clicking on that “great deal” from “Big Box Incorporated,” you are voting to support your community. You are telling your neighbors and friends that you value their involvement in your local economy, and you are urging them to keep participating on your community. You are telling them that they matter, and that you’d rather see their kids get a new saddle than know that a whole bunch of unknown stock owners received improved numbers on their investment statement.

In Tri-State Livestock News country, we know the value of a neighbor. Without them, we can’t get our calves branded or shipped. Let’s extend this attitude toward our friends in town or right next door whose jewelry, books, tools, socks, silverwork, leather work and more will help us cross items off the Christmas list.

On Saturday, November 26, join the movement to support small and local businesses. Small business owners are what keep our downtowns thriving.