Showtime: North Dakota family travels to Black Hills Stock Show for first time participation in Youth Show |

Showtime: North Dakota family travels to Black Hills Stock Show for first time participation in Youth Show

Clint Filipek remembers some chilly walks back from the washrack at the Central States Fairground during the Black Hills Stock Show before the Civic Center even existed.

And Filipek’s new friends, the Job family, of Baldwin, North Dakota, will exhibit cattle for the very first time at this year’s Black Hills Stock Show.

Filipek’s fond memories and excitement about the quality of cattle and people who show up for the Black Hills Stock Show helped Derrick and Jana Job and their three daughters decide they’d better find out what they’ve been missing.

“We were visiting with Clint and Amanda Filipek and they thought our girls could gain a learning experience at the Black Hills Stock Show,” said Jana Job. “My girls are gung ho about showing cattle, they are wanting to do more and learn more. Sometimes you can’t do that as often in North Dakota,” she said.

Jana said some of the shows they would have participated in were canceled due to Covid the last couple of years. They have enjoyed some 4-H shows in Steele, Morton County, Burleigh County, the Stockmen’s Beef Expo, and the State Fair – but they decided it was time for something new.

The Job family is looking forward to “stepping it up a notch” from 4-H shows, as well as making some new friends. “We like meeting people who have bee in this industry longer than we have, like Clint and Amanda. They’ve done it. They know what it takes,” said Jana.

The Job family's Red Angus cattle see lots of attention from the girls in preparation for shows. Jana Job
Courtesy photo

The Job family, Jana and Derrick, and daughters Kassidy (14) and Kylie (12) along with little sister Kenzie (9), will have two home-raised registered Red Angus heifers at the Black Hills Stock Show youth beef show this year. They will also participate in other shows while they are at the event.

Kassidy, Kylie and Kenzie Job work with their cattle every day. KMV Photography
Courtesy photo

“They are so excited,” she said of her girls, and gives a lot of credit to the Filipeks for convincing them to head south.

“Clint has helped my girls learn how to take their simple 4-H cows to actual show heifers,” she said. Jana said Clint’s youngest daughter, Macey has been a tremendous mentor and has “become like a sister” to her daughters. “She helps keep our girls in line and calm,” added Jana.

Said Jana: “Clint and his family have offered my girls such a wonderful experience with bringing them down here and taking them under their wings over the past 4 weeks to learn what is needed to ‘go big’ as Kassidy says.

Derrick, Jana, Kenzie, Kylie and Kassidy Job enjoy working with their cattle together as a family. KMV Photography

“I think we have a shot this year at making our heifers look like show heifers,” said Kylie. Clint’s tutelage helped her gain confidence even before offering to travel with the family and help them with to the Youth Show at the Black Hills Stock Show.

“Clint’s background in this industry is amazing and I would not have ever dreamed of taking my kids to anything this big without him guiding the girls. The girls have enjoyed his expertise and they have done it all with only Clint offering suggestions, not doing it for them. We want the girls to do it for themselves and not just show up and lead a heifer around,” said Jana.

Every member of the Job family works hard to prepare their cattle for the show. Here, Kylie uses the blower to train her heifer's hair. Jana Job
Courtesy photo
Kenzie blows a heifer's hair, staying safe behind a panel. Jana Job
Courtesy photo

While Jana and Derrick both maintain full time jobs, the family still has a herd of registered and a few commercial Red Angus cows. “These show heifers will eventually join the girl’s own herd,” said Jana.

Filipek, meanwhile, is thrilled to have recruited another show family from his neck of the woods.

After growing up in the Black Hills and showing cattle as well as helping his dad with a fitting business all of his life childhood, Filipek recently moved to a ranch near McLusky, North Dakota where they concentrate on raising show cattle.

He credits Amanda Kammerer, the Black Hills Stock Show Marketing/Livestock Director for getting the Youth Show off the ground a few years ago.

“Amanda tries her hardest to bring youth in. That’s what it’s all about. If we don’t have youth, what’s the next generation going to raise us for food? We have got to get the next generation excited about agriculture,” said Filipek. His four daughters – Taylor, Haley, Emily and Macey have all taken part in the Youth Show over the past couple of years. Macy, a sophomore at Wilton High School will show a sim Angus heifer and a market heifer at the Youth Show, Jan. 28-30 at the Monument (Civic Center).

The youth show at the Black Hills Stock Show is a “real laid back, fun show,” he said. “It’s a ‘help everyone’ environment,” he added.

He remembers when the Black Hills Stock Show consisted mostly of Black Hills area seedstock producers, but now he said the show includes showmen from much further away. “Some come from 700 miles away to bring their best product to the sale,” he said.

It’s quite a change from his earliest memories, at five or six years of age, of leading wet cattle back from the washrack to the tie outs at the Soule Building on the Central States Fairground. But the memories of the icicles that formed on those clean, wet critters, and sipping chocolate milk in his old coveralls and scotch cap, are valuable ones.

“The Civic Center wasn’t even built yet,” he said.

“I remember when the built Rushmore Hall. We had cattle where there are vendors now. We showed and sold cattle in the rodeo arena, and Supreme Row was in the hallway,” he said.

Clint looks forward to helping his daughter with her sim influence heifer and market heifer this year. “And we are also bringing down a new family that we met that raises Red Angus. Their kids don’t play sports. Their ‘varsity’ sport is showing cattle,” he said.

The Filipeks will exhibit this heifer and more at the Black Hills Stock Show. Clint Filipek
Courtesy photo

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