Simmental Assoc. overturns Leachman patents |

Simmental Assoc. overturns Leachman patents

The American Simmental Association (ASA) has succeeded in its effort to overturn US patents 8,660,888 and 8,725,557, which were granted to Leachman Cattle Company of Colorado (LCC). The patents conveyed to LCC the exclusive right to determine animals’ economic value based on genetics. The following statement was issued by ASA’s Executive Vice President, Wade Shafer:

“ASA’s Board of Trustees stepped up to the plate to protect the rights of our members, and that of the entire industry, to continued access to publicly funded technology – a right our industry has benefited from for many decades. In addition to pointing out the resolve of our Trustees, I would like to directly thank Drs. Matt Spangler and Mike MacNeil for their many uncompensated hours of work on behalf of the industry. Further, though too many to list, I would like to acknowledge the countless supporters of our cause throughout the industry.”

Shafer further commented: “We do not, in any way, wish to disparage Leachman’s Reputation Feeder Cattle program. To the contrary, we applaud sincere efforts to differentiate the economic value of cattle based on genetic merit. We simply believe, as does the US patent office, that the right to do so should not be bestowed on a single entity via a patent – and that our industry is in a much better place than when the Leachman patents were intact.”

–American Simmental Association

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