Sitz Angus Ranch Annual Spring Sale |

Sitz Angus Ranch Annual Spring Sale

Kevin Mytty, Mytty Angus purchased the top selling Vance son from this year’s Sitz sale.

Date: Mar. 12, 2014

Location: Dillon, Mont.

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

Reported by: Sarah Swenson

Average: 322 bulls – $7,382

With 91 consecutive years in the registered Angus business, it is no wonder that Sitz Angus has one of the most successful and well attended sales in the nation. This year was no exception. In fact, it was their best sale yet, marking their 61st annual sale.

Not only was the bidding explosive, but the Sitz families indicated that unequivocally, the bulls in this year’s offering were the best set they have ever raised. The years of consistent breeding and selection behind this program show in the depth of quality, consistency and performance that are bred into their bloodlines and the strong maternal excellence in the cow herd. Large or small, you would be hard pressed to find a herd in this country without Sitz influenced genetics. This year’s crop is sure to make their mark as well with top sire groups including Final Product, Thunder, Vance and Ten X. Other notable sire groups in this year’s sale were again Sitz Upward, as well as Game Day, Tebow, and Homestead.

It is impressive to attend the sale and witness that volume of bulls sell without a lull in the sale. In total, 322 bulls sold in the 12th annual Spring sale with cattlemen from across the country bidding at record amounts to own their selections from this impressive offering. The substantial offering makes it possible to select from large sire groups with lots of uniformity and it makes it possible to purchase half-brothers in volume so producers can improve the uniformity of their own calf crops.

A strong number of repeat buyers were on hand that day. The Sitz’ indicated that over 80 percent of their customers are repeat buyers. These buyers come back year after year, confirming the confidence they have in the Sitz program and the value of how it has improved their operations. Notably, last year alone, between Superior Livestock (representative Jim Sitz), Big Blue Sale Barn representatives Bob Sitz and Joe Jones, as well as privately, the Sitz’s helped market over 20,000 head of livestock. This all comes as a result of the family working hard at developing numerous relations with feed yards that pay premiums for Sitz Angus sired calves. The Sitz’s also give due credit to Certified Angus Beef for creating a huge demand for your Sitz sired calves.

With that theme in mind, the Sitz family served an outstanding lunch of Certified Angus Prime Rib on sale day. What a top-notch meal from a top-notch operation.

Sitz Final Product 709A, a son of Connealy Final Product out of a Connealy Onward cow, sold for $52,500 to Three Trees Ranch, Sharpsburg, Ga., This super stout, big topped, heavy boned yearling bull posted tremendous figures for every trait: CED 8, BW +1.5, WW 65, Milk 36, YW 120, $W 39.45, $F 68.05, $G 45.11 and $B 110.80. Loaded with eye appeal, this Jan. 30, 2013, calf had a BW of 82, 205 Wt of 858, and 365 Wt of 1,389.

The next lot kept the upbeat pace of the sale rolling as the second highest selling bull of the day at $40,000. Sitz Reinvested 636A, a Jan. 28, 2013, calf by Connealy Thunder out of a Sitz Upward 307R daughter, sold to Arntzen Angus Ranch, Hilger, Mont., and Gartner-Denowh Angus Ranch, Sidney, Mont. Talk about calving ease, this bull boasted a CED of 15 and BW of -1.8 with an actual birth weight of 83 lbs. The remainder of his EPD profile showed a WW 53, Milk 32, YW 100, $W 47.25, $F 46.63, $G 31.54, and $B 87.40, along with a NR 101 and YR 100. His 205 Wt was 810 with a YW 1,434.

Before we turned the next page in the catalog, lot 40 came in as the third highest selling bull in the Spring sale, selling for $35,000 to Gartner-Denowh Angus Ranch. We are sure to hear more about this young herd sire -Sitz JLS Vance 44A, a Jan. 26, 2013, calf by TC Vance 011 out of a Conneally Onward daughter and from a Sitz JLS Blackbird cow which goes back to OCC Great Plains. This performance type bull posted EPDs of CED 7, BW +1.3, WW 58, Milk 30, YW 104, $W 47.29, $F 49.43, $G 30.62, $B 83.69, as well as a NR of 104 and YR 106.

Sitz Ten X 693A, a Jan. 23, 2013 calf by AAR Ten X 7008 SA also sold for $35,000 to Accelerated Genetics, Baraboo, Wisc. This bull is out of a GDAR Game Day daughter truly has it all from maternal to performance. He is extremely clean made and smooth shoulder, making him a calving ease deluxe bull, especially after matching up his EPD profile. He posted a CED of 17, BW -2.4 with an actual BW of 67 lbs. In addition to calving ease, this bull packs a lot of performance with a WW EPD of 67, an actual 205 Wt of 907, a YW EPD of 125, and actual YW of 1,435, a $W of 58.66, $F 74.19 and $B of 109.62 with a marbling of 1.05.. Rounding out his maternal traits, this bull posted a Milk EPD of 34 and NR 118, as well as a YR of 114.

Sitz JLS Final Product 689A, was the fourth highest selling bull in the Spring sale, selling for $30,000 to Dan Beck, Colome, S.D. This Connealy Final Product son out of a Sitz Alliance 7544 daughter had an EPD profile of CED 7, BW +0.3, WW 60, Milk 30, and YW 117, $W 46.66, $F 66.52, $B 68.79 with a NR 100 and YR 108. This deep sided, thick topped bull had a BW 81, 205 Wt 792 and 365 Wt 1,349.

Rounding out the top 5 high sellers for the day was Sitz Vance 706A, a TC Vance 011 out of the top producing cow Sitz Pride 88T- a Connealy Onward daughter. This long, thick, stout, yet clean made bull sold to Mytty Angus Ranch, Florence, Mont., for $25,000. He posted EPDs of CED 13, BW +0.1, WW 56, Milk 32, YW 102, $W 38.03, $F 47.76, $G 32.10, and $B 84.91. His NR is 100 and YR 100. This ET calf born 02/01/2013, had a 86 lb BW, 764 lb 205 Wt, and 1,247 lb 365 Wt. Selling to another top breeder in Montana, I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more about this Vance son.