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The Wahun Virus should be a wake up call, the US economy is so vulnerable, its time for “America First.”

Packer concentration and the recent plant closures due to the Wahun Virus should cause us to rethink past practices and come to the realization “Bigger is not Better.”

What we have allowed to happen, just didn’t happen, I have been involved for over six decades, some of us tried to sound the alarm in the late 60s and early 70s.

I was a founding members of Meat Price Investigators in the early 70s with Headquarters in Des Moines.

We went after the Major Packers and chain stores for price fixing, boy did we get an education.

They had more money than we did, they bought access in Congress and the DC bureaucracy, so few in

DC listened to us.

We filed a price fixing lawsuit. When it came deposition time, the conglomerates showed up with 17 attorneys, we had 3. They kept filing motions with the court causing us to provide more documentation they deemed necessary in prepping for their defense. We had not the finances or the personnel to meet those demands. They simply wore us out.

We were closely allied with John Helmuth, an economist, who did a lot of research re: the the price fixing and how the markets reacted.

He published a book “Voices Rise From The LAND” that is a must read for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of the history of Packer Concentration.

John passed away a few years ago, however his book is available on Amazon.

Have a great week.


Bob Sivertsen, Havre, Montana


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