Snyder wins sheep industry scholarship |

Snyder wins sheep industry scholarship

Courtesy photoErin Snyder, Bozeman, MT.

DENVER, CO – Erin Snyder of Bozeman, MT, has been selected as the recipient of the $1,500 Sheep Heritage Foundation Memorial Scholarship being offered through the American Sheep Industry Association (ASI). Snyder is engaged in a Master of Science in Animal Science Degree at Montana State University.

According to Guy Flora, president of ASI’s Sheep Heritage Foundation, “Snyder’s application ranked highest based on the practical application of the described work, the likelihood of achieving meaningful results within the time frame of the work and the credentials of the applicant.”

“The foundation is pleased to again be able to offer post-graduate scholarships,” continued Flora. “The high-quality pool of applicants made the selection process difficult while reinforcing the necessity for a program such as this one.”

The Sheep Heritage Foundation committee is tasked with the challenge of developing a foundation for industry education, research and continuous improvement that will perpetuate the sheep industry into the future. The memorial scholarship program is just one way to fulfill this objective.

ASI is a national trade organization supported by 45 state sheep associations, benefiting the interests of more than 82,000 sheep producers.

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