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Something old, something new

Jessica Casteel
for Tri-State Livestock News

About five years ago, I first visited my now husband and his family here in South Dakota. My mother and father in law’s house is filled with neat photos, and memories but one thing sitting upon a shelf caught my eye quickly. A bundle of old post cards from the Belle Fourche Round-Up, some dating 1925. Wrapped with a leather cord, I was eager to get them out and look at them. I did, and my father in law, Tom Casteel flipped through them with me telling the story of how he acquired them. His father Glen Casteel got them as a young man at one of the very first, then Tri-State Round-Ups. Glen was born in 1901 and would have been 18, at the first Round-Up. Tom tells the story of Glen and his brother Ray riding horseback traveling from East of Vale to Belle Fourche and spending the entire week at the Round-Up to enjoy the rodeo and all the Fourth of July Festivities.

I began making these soldered jewelry pieces with many other designs such as magazine clips, old calendar cut out and many of my own watercolor designs. When one day it struck me, how neat would it be to make a series of Black Hills Round- Up pendants with the photographs that my husband’s own grandfather held in his hands, I was ecstatic as the ideas came together in my mind. I then took the cards, scanned them into my computer and reprinted them. I then made a print out of who all was in the post cards that I was going to use for my jewelry pieces. I wanted to include the history of the writing that was on the original photo. I traced the glass pieces to fit, put them together with the photo and the history of who was in the photo, the date, and the photographer if it was available. I then applied copper tape to seal them, applied flux and soldered away! A simple yet time consuming process, but the reward was so great! They were such a hit, and I have a list of more on order. Doing these has also opened the door for some custom pieces for families with old time rodeo photos that they have of their loved ones and I’m so excited to start on those!

My business page on Facebook and Instagram is Tapadero Annie’s.


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