Soreide Charolais Ranch 2012 ‘Bull Power’ Sale |

Soreide Charolais Ranch 2012 ‘Bull Power’ Sale

Sale host Jay Soreide visits with Louis Nelson, Grassy Butte, ND, at the Soreide sale.

Soreide Charolais held their annual bull sale at the ranch near Bowman, ND on Jan. 27, 2012. This was a bittersweet event for the Soreide family as Lynn Soreide passed away suddenly just few weeks prior to the sale.

This year marked the 51st year the Soreide Family has been in the Charolais business. The sale is the result of rigid culling and superior sire selection to meet the weather demands and rugged terrain of southwestern North Dakota. These bulls had not seen any creep feed and were fed a TMR ration to grow out and not be over done. The bulls were in great condition for the sale. They had been selected for calving ease, growth, scrotal size and conformation. The disposition was hard to beat, as the bulls were very quiet in the pens and in the sale ring.

Topping the sale was Lot 120, SCR Sir Doubt 120 Pld, a March 4, 2011 son of EC No Doubt 2022 with EPDs of BW -2.5, WW 23, YW 48 and Milk 22. This bull had a 734-pound adjusted 205-day weight with a weaning ratio of 106 and ADG on test of 4.42. Erickson Bros., New England, ND, were the buyers at $5,500.

Selling at $5,250 was Lot 125, SCR Sir Spur 125 Pld, a March 4, 2011 son of SCR Sir Spur 944 Pld with EPDs of BW 2.1, WW 26, YW 43 and Milk 1.6. This bull weighed 1,100 pounds on January 28 with an ADG of 4.84. Bracket Butte Ranch, Baker, MT, was the buyer.

Lot 1100, SCR Sir Spur 1100 Pld, a March 18, 2011 son of SCR Sir Spur 944 sold to Dejon Bakken, Lemmon, SD for $5,250. This bull posted EPDs of BW 2.9, WW 30, YW 46 and Milk 0.5, with a 205-day weight of 747 pounds, a weaning ratio of 108 and an adjusted 365-day weight of 1,452 lbs.

Richard Schaffer, Baker, MT, selected Lot 1137, SCR Sir Spur 1137 Pld, a March 25, 2011 son of RCB Dakota Spur 022 with EPDs of BW 0.9, WW 36, YW 56 and Milk 3.0. This bull had an adjusted yearling weight of 1,436 pounds and sold for $5,000.

Repeat buyer Joe Zorc, Lemmon, SD, purchased several bulls again this year including Lot 149, SCR Sir Vision 619 Pld, at $4,750. This March 10, 2011 son of VCR Dakota Vision 619 had EPDs of BW 1.7, WW 31, YW 59 and Milk 9, with an adjusted 365-day weight of 1,312 pounds.

This was a very nice sale for the Soreide family. The only thing missing was Lynn’s smiling face in the corner visiting with neighbor ladies and friends.