South Dakota 4-H Youth Participate in Western National Roundup |

South Dakota 4-H Youth Participate in Western National Roundup

Brookings, S.D. – South Dakota 4-H had 25 youth participate in nine different events at the Western National Roundup held in Denver, Colorado January 5-9, 2022.

The 4-H Livestock Industry Trust Fund sponsored the trip for livestock judging, livestock quiz bowl, horse judging, horse quiz bowl, hippology, horse demonstration, and horse public speaking participants. In addition to the livestock event, South Dakota 4-H also had participants compete in the FCS Skill-A-Ton and Fashion Revue contest. Youth were selected from competing in the various South Dakota 4-H Youth-In-Action State Events.

South Dakota 4-H participants represented the state well at the Western National Roundup placing in the top 10 individuals in most events.

The FCS Skill-A-Thon team placed 2nd overall, with team member Ashley Tieszen from Turner County placing 5th overall.

The horse judging team placed 7th overall and the hippology team placed 5th overall, with team member Nicole Kraft of Butte/Lawrence County placing 5th overall individually and Reese McKenna of Butte/Lawrence County placing 9th as a judging contest individual. Both the horse quiz bowl and the livestock quiz bowl teams placed 6th overall. The general livestock judging team placed 7th overall.

In horse presentations, Kacy Goehring of Hutchinson County placed 4th and in horse public speaking, Bailey Feistner of Sanborn County placed 3rd.

“Western National Roundup was a great opportunity to experience the 4-H contests at a higher level than the state fair,” said William Karel of Grant County. “I was happy to finally get to experience the trip, and I met a bunch of new 4-H friends.”

South Dakota 4-H members who participated include Payton Beare, Hand County; Quinton Berg, Hanson County; Ryan Blagg, McCook County; Rachel Boyd, Hamlin County; Maddie Collins, Pennington County, Kenidey Effling, Hyde County; Emma Eppe, Minnehaha County; Bennett Gordon, Butte/Lawrence County; Bailey Fairbanks, Tripp County; Allison Fischer, Codington County; Baliey Feistner, Sanborn County; Kacy Goehring, Hutchinson County; Callie Hammerstorm, Turner County; William Karels, Grant County; Abigail Kolousek, Buffalo/Jerauld County; Nicole Kraft, Butte/Lawrence County; Patrick Kralicek, Yankton County; Brenna Leitner, Butte/Lawrence County; Reese McKenna, Butte/Lawrence County; Keeleigh Reis-Elwood, Lyman County; Kara Roshone, Turner County; Jessemy Sharp, Brown County; Ella Stiefvater, McCook County; Ashely Tieszen, Turner County; and Delaney Zoss, Sanborn County.

Coaches included Heidi Berg, Hanson County; Danielle Eppe, Minnehaha County; Jennifer Feistner, Sanborn County; Deanna Gall, Hutchinson & Turner Counties; Kristi Goehring, Hutchinson County; Heather Heying, Tripp County; Heidi Roshone, Turner County; Carie Stiefvater, McCook County; and Steve Zoss, Sanborn County.

2022 Western National Roundup Results:

FCS Skill-A-Thon:

Team Placing:

Overall Team – 2nd

Life Skills Assessment – 3rd

Individual Placings:

Ashley Tieszen, Turner County – 5th Overall

Fashion Revue:

Individual Placing:

Kara Roshone, Turner County – 11th Overall – Constructed Outfit

Horse Judging:

Team Placings:

Overall Team – 7th

Team Halter – 6th

Team Performance – 8th

Team Reasons – 7th

Individual Placings:

Delaney Zoss, Sanborn County

17th – Overall Individual

14th – Individual Halter

18th – Individual Reasons

Keeleigh Reis-Elwood, Lyman County

18th – Individual Halter

20th – Individual Reasons

Abigail Kolousek, Buffalo/Jerauld County

20th – Individual Halter

Horse Presentation:

Individual Placing:

Kacy Goehring, Hutchinson County – 4th Individual

Horse Public Speaking:

Individual Placing:

Bailey Feistner, Sanborn County – 3rd Individual


Team Placings:

Overall Team – 5th

Team Exam/Slides – 4th

Team Station – 8th

Team Judging – 1st

Team Problem – 7th

Individual Placings:

Nicole Kraft, Butte/Lawrence County

5th – Overall Individual

8th – Written Exam/Slides Individual

9th – Stations Individual

7th – Judging Contest Individual

Reese McKenna, Butte/Lawrence County

9th – Judging Contest Individual

Horse Quiz Bowl:

Team – 6th Overall

Livestock Judging:

Team Placing:

Overall Team – 7th

Team Cattle – 8th

Team Goats – 7th

Team Reasons – 10th

Team Sheep – 8th

Team Swine – 13th

Individual Placings:

Ella Steifvater, McCook County

13th – Overall Individual

12th – Individual Cattle

28th – Individual Goats

22nd – Individual Reasons

10th – Individual Sheep

38th – Individual Swine

Kenidey Effling, Hyde County

15th – Overall Individual

18th – Individual Cattle

31st – Individual Goats

50th – Individual Reasons

48th – Individual Sheep

22nd – Individual Swine

Bennett Gordon, Butte/Lawrence County

46th – Overall Individual

51st – Individual Cattle

18th – Individual Goats

37th – Individual Reasons

18th – Individual Sheep

56th – Individual Swine

Livestock Quiz Bowl:

Team – 6th Overall

South Dakota 4-H had 25 youth participate in nine different events at the Western National Roundup held in Denver, Colorado January 5-9, 2022. SDSU
Courtesy photo

For more information, contact Amanda Stade, SDSU Extension State 4-H Events Management Coordinator, at or (605) 688-4167.

–SDSU Extension

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