South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association legislative update |

South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association legislative update

Bills SDCA is Monitoring  
SDCA leadership and staff reviews bills regularly during session and determines whether the organization should take a position based on SDCA organization’s policy. In the first week leadership was elected, committees organized, and the rules established that would govern the 2023 session. Of the 139 pieces of legislation filed this week, here are a few that we have been tracking: 
HB 1029– An act to revise certain provisions regarding the county zoning and appeals process. This bill removes legislative amendments that were added to SB 157 in 2020. The South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association supported SB 157 and supported the amendment that was passed at the time. HB 1029 amends the majority vote needed to approve a permit from majority of members to majority of members present, and clarifies a few other provisions of the law. SDCA will be monitoring this bill as we learn more about how county zoning and appeals have been working since SB 157 took effect.  
HB 1043- An act to make an exemption from certain property taxation for owner-occupied single-family dwellings. This bill came out of Study Committee on Property Tax Structure & Burden. There are concerns that entities that rely on property tax revenue excepted under this will have to replace that income by increased taxes for agricultural and commercial property.  
SB 18– An act to revise the appropriation for a livestock and equestrian complex at the State Fair, and to declare an emergency.This bill provides one-time funding to complete the construction of the Dakota Events CompleX, the new multipurpose livestock and equestrian facility replacing the Open Class Beef Complex destroyed by fire in 2020. In 2021, the legislature appropriated $20 million for the DEX, including $12 million in general funds and $8 million in other fund authority to complete the project. Since then, the project has been impacted by significant increases in construction material costs. SDCA looks forward to the completion of the DEX in 2023!  
SB 21– An act to make an appropriation for costs related to the Black Hills National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan revision process and to declare an emergency. When a bill is declared an emergency it takes effect as soon as the legislative process is complete and does not have to wait until July 1 when most other bills will become effective.  The Black Hills National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan guides agency action for the next 20 years. This plan impacts SD residents, tourists, and the various industries that rely on natural resources from the National Forest System lands managed by the Black Hills National Forest staff. SB 21 bill requests $950,000 to provide the resources for the impacted counties and the state to be engaged in the plan revision. The bill asks for $500,000 for a 1:1 cost share program for the South Dakota counties within the Black Hills National Forest.The counties can apply for the cost share individually or jointly to ensure their engagement in the Black Hills National Forest plan revision. The bill also requests $450,000 for specialized staff within the Resource Conservation and Forestry Division to assist in the plan revision process. SDCA supports SB 21. 
–South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association