South Dakota Cattlemen’s Auxiliary is ‘beefing up ball games’ |

South Dakota Cattlemen’s Auxiliary is ‘beefing up ball games’

Photo by Amanda RadkeKaley Nolz plays the baseball pinball game to teach kids in attendance about beef byproducts. Young people could win beef player trading cards for playing the game.

It’s been a busy summer of beef promotions for the members of the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Auxiliary (SDCA). From hosting Beef Night at Huset’s Speedway in Brandon, SD in May, to helping to sponsor the South Dakota Beef Ambassador Contest in July, this group of women is dedicated to promoting beef, supporting youth in agriculture and sharing the real stories of farmers and ranchers with consumers and media throughout the state of South Dakota.

Their latest promotion is a fan favorite at the South Dakota State Amateur Baseball Tournament, held in Mitchell, SD. This is the second year in a row the tournament has been held in Mitchell, as well as the second opportunity for the Auxiliary to beef up the ball games with fun and interactive beef promotions for the fans, players and families in the crowd.

“Beefing up the ball games,” was the Auxiliary’s theme and cattle ranchers played a prominent role in the event on Aug. 7, 2011.

Taking part in the event were SDCA members Sue Sibson, Bob and Nancy Montross, Eileen Moller, Judie Blindauer, Delina Nagel, Shaylane Nagel, Tanner Jorgensen, Matt Nutter and Kaley Nolz, 2011 National and South Dakota Junior Beef Ambassador.

“As ranchers, beef promotion is so important to help boost beef demand and spread the good word about cattle ranching,” said Delina Nagel, from Springfield, SD. “It’s critical for us to invest checkoff dollars to work with the public, and with fewer dollars, it’s important we get the best bang for our buck. Reaching out to athletes is just one demographic that we focus on. Families, race fans, students, doctors and nutritionists also need to hear these messages about healthy beef.”

Producer checkoff dollars were used at this event to reach out to health-conscious athletes and families who were taught by the Auxiliary about the 29 lean cuts of beef and the many ways beef can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle.

On behalf of South Dakota beef producers, the SDCA gave away $1,500 in Beef Bucks to be used to purchase burgers at the ball games or at any place where beef is sold. Learn more about Beef Bucks at A baseball pinball game taught youth about beef byproducts, and the young people could win beef player trading cards for playing the game. Beef jerky sticks were also handed out during the event.

In addition, free baseballs were given away to the first 125 kids who arrived at the games. Kids were taught that 144 baseballs or 12 baseballs gloves could be made from a single cowhide. At the candy toss, kids learned that gelatin from connective tissues in cattle are used to make candy.

Finally, a beef recipe collection book was given away for each run scored throughout the day. The book includes 200 pages of recipes, nutrition information and preparation tips. The promotion was well-thought out and resonated with youth and adults alike.

“This is a great promotion for us,” said Jim Johnson, a Mitchell native who helps coordinate the state tournament. “Working with the Auxiliary helps us to sell programs, burgers at the games and boosts attendance, as well. In turn, we work to help promote the beef producers throughout the tournament. The kids love the candy and the games, and the parents love the free burgers and recipe books. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

The tournament is a lengthy event, lasting from Aug. 3-14, but it was the beef day at the ball games event that drew the largest crowd the past two years. Promotions like these have a lasting impact on how consumers view beef products, and the SDCA is continuing their tradition of spreading the good news through their fun summer promotions.

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