South Dakota: Checkoff brochure presents facts on cancer and beef |

South Dakota: Checkoff brochure presents facts on cancer and beef

PIERRE, SD – A new consumer brochure is being developed that presents the facts about red meat consumption and cancer. The South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC) along with the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Auxiliary will debut the brochure in May, using information compiled by Beef Checkoff-funded research. The brochure is based on information highlighted in a technical report, titled “Red Meat and Processed Meat Consumption and Cancer: A Technical Summary of the Epidemiologic Evidence.” The report indicates that the scientific evidence does not support an independent association between red meat, processed meat and cancer.

“We wanted to develop a consumer brochure that showcased the results of this Beef Checkoff-funded research,” said SDBIC and South Dakota Cattlemen’s Auxiliary director Nancy Montross of De Smet, SD.

Beef Checkoff nutrition professionals partnered with the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Auxiliary to develop a brochure which spells out the facts on cancer. Montross said, “The evidence clearly finds no link between red meat consumption and cancer.” The beef brochure highlights the comprehensive review of every available epidemiological study looking at red meat and six kinds of cancer and concluded there is no causal link.

The beef brochure entitled, “The Facts about Red Meat and Cancer,” will also provide consumers with tips on reducing their cancer risk, such as not smoking, being physically active and eating a balanced diet. “The 29 cuts of beef that are classified as lean by the USDA easily can be a part of a healthy balanced diet,” explained SDBIC Director of Nutrition Holly Swee, a registered dietitian.

The new brochure will be available for distribution in time for “Beef Month” in May. Beef promotions across the state can use the brochure to help consumers better understand the issue. Montross hopes the beef industry can also partner with health professionals and offer the brochure to them for use with their clients and patients.

Montross said, “We as cattle producers work hard to produce quality beef that provides numerous health benefits. Now we can say ‘Here are the facts on cancer and beef.’ Our Beef Checkoff research provides clear guidance about choosing beef for a healthy lifestyle.”

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