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S. Dakota crop progress and conditions

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. October 16, 2017 – For the week ending October 15, 2017, seasonable temperatures and little to no rainfall for a majority of the reporting period allowed considerable advancement in soybean harvest progress, according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. However, rain across much of west central and northern South Dakota stopped harvest for many producers late in the week. Frost early in the week ended the growing season for much of the State. There were 5.3 days suitable for fieldwork. Topsoil moisture supplies rated 14 percent very short, 20 short, 62 adequate, and 4 surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies rated 21 percent very short, 24 short, 53 adequate, and 2 surplus.

Field Crops Report: Corn condition rated 7 percent very poor, 16 poor, 32 fair, 39 good, and 6 excellent. Corn mature was 88 percent, behind 97 last year and 94 for the five-year average. Harvested was 12 percent, behind 29 last year, and well behind 39 average.

Soybean condition rated 3 percent very poor, 11 poor, 34 fair, 44 good, and 8 excellent. Soybeans harvested was 48 percent, well behind 75 last year and 78 average.

Winter wheat planted was 89 percent, behind 94 last year, and equal to average. Emerged was 67 percent, ahead of 60 last year and 49 average.

Sorghum condition rated 15 percent very poor, 18 poor, 44 fair, 23 good, and 0 excellent. Sorghum mature was 68 percent, well behind 95 last year and 89 average. Harvested was 6 percent, well behind 63 last year and 46 average.

Sunflower condition rated 4 percent very poor, 23 poor, 47 fair, 23 good, and 3 excellent. Sunflower bracts turning yellow was 96 percent, ahead of 89 last year. Bracts turning brown was 84 percent, near 81 last year. Harvested was 15 percent, well behind 37 last year, and behind 26 average.

Alfalfa third cutting was 95 percent complete, near 94 last year.

Pasture and Range Report: Pasture and range condition rated 30 percent very poor, 25 poor, 25 fair, 19 good, and 1 excellent.

–National Ag Statistics Service