South Dakota Declares February 21 Soil Health Awareness Day

BROOKINGS, S.D. – South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has declared February 21, 2020 Soil Health Awareness Day. Agriculture contributes over 132,000 jobs and 32.5 billion dollars in total output to South Dakota’s economy.

“The success and sustainability of agriculture is directly dependent on a healthy, robust and regenerative soil resource. This is why soil health matters,” said Anthony Bly, SDSU Extension Soils Field Specialist.

Healthy soil improves water infiltration and storage to help mitigate the effects of drought and flooding, filters water moving through it and reduces soil losses from erosion by wind and water.

“Soil is the backbone of food and fiber production; without healthy soils, future generations have very little food and economic security to rely on,” shared Sara Bauder, SDSU Extension Agronomy Field Specialist. “Although it may seem difficult to change current farming practices, keeping the soil healthy is going to improve your farm and set those who will farm after you up for success.”

The partnership between SDSU Extension and the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition continues to be successful in the education of producers, landowners and other stakeholders in recognizing the importance of adopting soil health practices in all regions of South Dakota. SDSU Extension provides educational resources at eight regional centers located throughout the state. Join SDSU Extension’s Every Acre Counts program and the SD Soil Health Coalition in spreading awareness on how important soil health is to everyone that calls South Dakota home.

–SDSU Extension