South Dakota Extension Service seeks input |

South Dakota Extension Service seeks input

BROOKINGS, SD – Barry Dunn, acting director of the South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service, seeks input from all South Dakotans on how the Extension Service can help them.

You can provide feedback on the South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service and its role in the state at: The page explains the goals of the suggestion system, provides a space for comments and suggestions, and allows the user to provide the feedback anonymously.

Dunn, also the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council Endowed Dean of South Dakota State University’s College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, said all stakeholders – agricultural producers, Extension staff, business owners, families and students – can offer insight on how Extension benefits them while explaining other roles the Service can possibly provide in South Dakota.

“Extension’s mission is to serve, and this Web page is a simple idea, a question really, asking everyone in the state to tell me how they feel that service can improve,” Dunn said. “That mission is something every staffer in the system takes seriously, and as South Dakota moves forward, Extension hopes to lead the way with training, assistance, and programs that are relevant, fitting to the needs of the state, and enjoyable for everyone from retirees to kids in 4-H.”

For more information on the South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service, visit its homepage at this link:

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