South Dakota Farmers Union: Truth in Labeling, Food Security, Pre-K Education |

South Dakota Farmers Union: Truth in Labeling, Food Security, Pre-K Education

Truth in Labeling, Food Security, Pre-K Education & More Focus of 2019 State Policy Meeting

HURON, S.D. – Truth in labeling, E30, affordable housing, pre-K education and food security topped the list of policy discussed during South Dakota Farmers Union annual State Policy meeting, held July 24, 2019, in Huron at the Crossroads Convention Center.

“This is grassroots policy development in action,” explains Doug Sombke, SDFU President. “Leading up to State Convention, this is the most important meetings we participate in. It sets the base for 2020 policy. Members from across the state have a chance to have their voices heard and impact our organization’s policy focus moving forward.”

During the afternoon meeting, members from across the state review the SDFU policy book, discuss and vote on updates suggested by the State Policy Committee. “It’s our job as a committee to listen to what members in our district are saying about changes they’d like to see, review the policy book and see where they would fit,” explains Policy Committee Chair, Jenae Hansen, a sixth-generation South Dakotan, working as a social work consultant for B Consulting, LLC. Hansen’s family farms near Turton.

The Policy Committee also reviews the policy book for outdated language, laws or language that needs clarification. In addition to Hansen, who represents District 7, other members of the Policy Committee include Dist. 1, David Cap, Yankton; Dist. 2, Scott Kolousek, Wessington Springs; Dist. 4, Hank Wonnenberg, Gregory; Dist. 5, Mary Ellen Cammack, Sturgis and Dist. 6, Dani Beer, Keldron.

“I enjoy seeing grassroots policy come together from members’ ideas and solutions,” explains Keldron rancher, Danni Beer of why she agreed to serve District 6 as a Policy Committee member. “This meeting, and state convention, are a great way for members to voice their thoughts on policy that they don’t agree with or don’t think is worded quite right.”

Winner farmer, Joel Keierleber agrees. “There are a lot of issues to look at and address,” he explains. And, although he could have spent the day repairing fence taken out by spring floods, Keierleber, like many other members, made time for the Policy Meeting.

From its inception more than a century ago, developing policy to support family farmers, ranchers and rural communities has been a focus of Farmers Union. And, for many members, policy development is a role they take seriously.

“Policy is very important. It’s something I truly love, so having the opportunity to use some of my policy development knowledge and experience to serve an organization I care a lot about is a great opportunity,” Hansen says. “As a membership organization, that is truly driven by its members, this policy meeting is so important because it structures what our voice will be when we advocate and talk with legislators.”

To learn more about SDFU current policy, contact Karla Hofhenke for a copy of the policy book. All policy discussed and voted on during the State Policy Meeting, will be reviewed and voted on again by delegates during the 2019 State Convention.



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