South Dakota High School Rodeo Competitors qualify for State Finals |

South Dakota High School Rodeo Competitors qualify for State Finals

The 63rd annual South Dakota High School Finals Rodeo heads to the Roundup Rodeo Grounds in Belle Fourche, SD, June 20-24. A total of 340 competitors have qualified for the 2011 Finals. Action begins Wednesday, June 20 at 3 p.m. with the first round of boy’s and girl’s cutting, which continues on Thursday. First and second rodeo performances will be held Friday, June 22 at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., respectively, with third and fourth performances at the same time on Saturday. Events wrap up on Sunday, June 24, with a pre-rodeo awards ceremony for the Queen competition, calendar, scholarships, new student officers, memorial awards and shooting sports award. The Finals Performance Short-Go begins after the awards ceremony.

There will be a fee to attend theFinals events: $10 for regular performance; $15 for Final performance; or $40 for a weekend pass. There’s no charge for children age 9 and younger. All seats are general admission.

Young people qualifying have accumulated at least three points in a single event during two weekends of regional rodeo competition, held June 1-3 and June 8-10. Locations or the regional events were: Eastern Region in Huron and Watertown; River Region in Winner and Ft. Pierre/Highmore; Northwest Region in Buffalo and Dupree; and Southwest Region in Wall and Sturgis.

Many competitors qualifying for the Finals have done so in more than one event. The listing of state qualifi ers was compiled by Ann Sunderman, SDHSRA executive secretary, which she says may change a bit due to scratches, medical outs, etc.







Contestant, hometown

Breann Albres, Hartford

Seth Anderson, Hurley

Wyatte Anderson, Hurley

Tyra Bach, Florence

Jennifer Bach, Watertown

Dallas Bergeson, Sioux Falls

Joe Bertus, Avon

Hailey Block, Sisseton

Michael Bohnenkamp, Baltic

Justin Boll, Hartford

Katie Boone, Twin Brooks

Kassidy Boyd, Sioux Falls

Blake Boysen, Sioux Falls

Shane Boysen, Sioux Falls

Sheyanne Brodkorb, Virgil

Sidney Carey, Huron

Syerra (C.Y.) Christensen, Kennenec

Dean Christensen, Beresford

Taylor Christensen, Beresford

Colin Christensen,Colton

Jace Christensen, Egan

Brandi Cwach, Geddes

Ryan Donnelly, Elk Point

Duffy Ducheneaux, Wagner

Braedy Edleman, Huron

Camerson Fanning, Olivet

Nicole Fritz, Sioux Falls

Sterling Gehrke, Castlewood

Dusty Gorder, Estelline

Lacey Hanson, Clark

Sid Hart, Centreville

Dylan Hart, Mitchell

Maggie Heiberger, Hartford

Morgan Hemmingson, Bradley

Kayle Hemmingson, Bradley

Jow Hendrickson, Chancellor

Tarin Hupp, Huron

Jacey Hupp, Huron

Jill Jandreau, Kimball

Wyatt Janisch, Lake City

Morgan Janisch, Lake City

McKenzie Jendersee, Mitchell

Jeremiah Johnson, Huron

Kyle Kallhoff, Watertown

Kendra Kannas, Hayti

Kelsey Kennedy, Beresford

Vanzi Knippling, Chamberlain

Ryan Knutson, Toronto

Jorry Lammers, Hartford

Kaitlyn Latham, Flandreau

Kyndall Latham, Flandreau

Jared Limoges, Elk Point

Becca Lythgoe, Colton

Jade Maier, Bowdle

Torrie Michels, Mitchell

Kaycee Monnens, Watertown

Logan Moody, Letcher

Cassidy Musick, Virgil

Shayna Nagel, Springfield

Chesney Nagel, Springfield

Matt Nelson, Colman

Ty Ollerich, Hartford

Brooke Ollerich, Colton

Riley Page, Colton

Logan Parr, Mitchell

Ethan Parr, Mitchell

Michelle Pederson, Clear Lake

Krista Petersen, Watertown

Trevor Peterson, Sisseton

Cole Potter, Winfred

Natalie Prins, Sisseton

Nolan Richie, Bristol

Maddie Schaack, Clark

Cheyenne Severson, Raymond

Allie Simons, Aberdeen

Tyann Steckelberg, Wolsey

Shelby Strand, Harrisburg

Shanna Swanson, Waubay

John Thelan, Sioux Falls

Evan Thyberg, Hartford

Lanae Vangerpen, Avon

Brooke Wolles, Dell Rapids

Abbie Adams, Buffalo

Tyrell Bachman, Faith

Ryne Baier, Buffalo

Cody Bernstein, Faith

Whit Brown, Buffalo

Brice Carmichael, Meadow

Kenneth Carmichael, Faith

Karisa Carmichael, Faith

Trig Clark, Meadow

Tayte Clark, Meadow

Kellsey Collins, Newell

Jade Crago, Bellw Fourche

Kesse Deal, Dupree

Kash Deal, Dupree

Michael Deichert, Spearfish

Sage Donner, Morristown

Peedee Doyle, St. Onge

Taylor Engessor, Spearfish

Chance Escott, Faith

Brittany Eymer, Spearfish

Blake Farlee, Eagle Butte

Lane Foster, Meadow

Dalton Gerbracht, Faith

Chek Giannonatti, Buffalo

Alexcia Giannonatti, Buffalo

Alana Gray, Faith

Trevor Gray, Ridgeview

Nolan Hall, Timber Lake

Maclyn Hauck, Belle Fourche

Charg Hebb, Eagle Butte

Cash Hetzel, Lemmon

Colby Hetzel, Lemmon

Bridget Howell, Belle Fourche

Brooke Howell, Belle Fourche

Skyler Hulm, Fatih

Jana Hunt, Dupree

Dalton Hurst, Buffalo

Ian Jacobs, Belle Fourche

Stephanie Johnson, Belle Fourche

Shania Johnson, Union Center

Gray Kerstiens, Isabel

Dani Koan, Buffalo

Hallie Kocer, Lemmon

Jayci Lamphere, Belle Fourche

Treye Laplante, Dupree

Seth Longbrake, Howes

Shayna Miller, Faith

Katy Miller, Faith

Kamira Miller, Newell

Shanna Jo Moreland, Red Owl

Hayden Neigel, Eagle Butte

Andy Nelson, Spearfish

Tearnee Nelson, Faith

Wylee Nelson, Faith

Jade Nixon, Belle Fourche

Preston Novak, Newell

Jesse Oliver, Lemmon

Shay Oliver, Lemmon

Bryce Olson, Prairie City

Tyus Olson, Mud Butte

Casey Packer, Sturgis

Caden Packer, Sturgis

Cody Packer, Sturgis

Tyen Palmer, Dupree

Calby Pearman, Eagle Butte

Ryder Peterson, Dickenson

Jett Peterson, Parade

Kelsey Pierson, Lemmon

Caitlyn Rittberger, Newell

Taylor Schmidt, Sturgis

Teal Schmidt, Sturgis

Tyann Schuelke, Opal

Taygen Schuelke, Newell

Dalton Sherdian, Faith

Samantha Sleep, Spearfish

Sydney Sleep, Spearfish

Peyton Smith, Lantry

Tessiah Sprauge, Nisland

Shayla Taton, Belle Fourche

Max Teigen, Camp Crook

Alix Thorstenson, Belle Fourche

Tate Thybo, Belle Fourche

Bobbie Tille, Dupree

Cody Trainor, Faith

Fehrin Ward, Fruitdale

Tricia Wilken, Meadow

Lexy Williamsm, Hettinger

Casey Woodward, Dupree

Kecia Miller, Newell

River Region qualifers

Kasey Aasby, Highmore

Tawny Barry, Carter

KAsey Bauman, McLaughlin

Brady Bickel, TrailCity

Jordan Bickel, Trail City

Samuel Boldon, Oglala

Elizabeth Bourk, Blunt

Newt Bruley, Willow Lake

True Buchholz, Belvidere

Bill Chauncey, Mission

Logan Christensen, Kadoka

Tate Cowan, Ft. Pierre

Dew Cowan, Highmore

Sydney Cowan, Harrold

Courtney Dahlgren, Timber Lake

Dillon Dejong, Kennenec

Thomas Doolittle, Midland

Jacob Etzkorn, Pierre

Dan Etzkorn, Pierre

Lane Fawcett, Colome

Jake Frazier, White Horse

Hallie Fulton, Miller

Jake Fulton, Valentine

Annie Fulton, Miller

Wyatt Fulton, St. Lawerence

Tyler Gaer, Newell

Kelsey Garber, Pierre

Teil Glaus, Chamberlain

Savanna Glaus, Chamberlain

Moriah Glaus, Chamberlain

Lamour Gregg, Harrold

Tierny Hamlin, Highmore

Schae Hanson, Burke

Jason Hapney, Harrold

Cody Heckenlaible, Ft. Pierre

Casey Heninger, Ft. Pierre

Marti Herber, Kadoka

Eliot Hight, White River

Kasey Hockett, Ridgeview

Gunner Hook, Phillip

Katie Hostutler, Midland

Hanna Hostutler, Midland

Cedar Jandreau, Kennebec

Brody Jones, Midland

Erin Kenzy, Iona

Kellon Lawrence, Timber Lake

Katie Lensgrav, Interior

McKayla Lind, Ft. Pierre

Trey Maier, Pierre

Colbee Mohr, Timber Lake

Carson Musick, Pierre

Brooke Nelson, Phillip

Tate Novotny, Colome

Klay O’Daniel, Kadoka

Austin O’Dea, Phillip

Jim O’Leary, Timber Lake

Laura O’Leary, Timber Lake

Jessica Olson, Ideal

Brendon Porch, Kadoka

Tanner Radway, Phillip

Rylee Jo Rutten, Colome

Reed Rutten, Colome

Cheyenne Slaonen, Gregory

Sutton Sandquist, Trail City

Wyatt Schaack, Wall

Levi Schonebaum, Herrick

Catelyn, Selby, Ridgeview

Scott Shoemaker, Gregory

Lee Sivertsen, Ree Heights

Alexandandra Smiley, Kadoka

Tanya Talsma, Iona

Trati Thorne, White River

Bailey Tibbs, Ft. Pierre

Kailee Webb, Isabel

Tucker Whitney, Iona

Rylae Wientjes, Onida

PearsonWientjes, Mound City

Remi Wientjes, Ondia

Reece Wientjes, Mound City

Jhett Williams, Faith

Jamie Wolf, Pierre

Brielle Yackley, Pierre

Herbie O’Daniel, Kadoka

Shayla Allen, Martin

Becky Auer, Whitewood

Cort Baker, Hermosa

Tyler Batie, Black Hawk

Kassidy Batie, Black Hawk

Lane Blasius, Wall

Breezy Boldon, Buffalo Gap

Tanner Bothwell, Sturgis

Kelsey Bradeen, Rapid City

Chester Christensen, Martin

Dale Ellen, Kyle

Carlee Dewolfe, Buffalo Gap

Georgia Edoff, Heromsa

Grady Egly, Oelriches

Chance Endlebert, Burdock

Miles Englebert, Burdock

Tylee Evans, Piedmont

Mikahla Ferguson, Hermosa

Rolly Fortune, Interior

Elsie Fortune, Interior

Whitney Gimpel, New Underwood

Trevor Hanson, Rapid City

Shaelynne Heitsch, Hermosa

Joshua Hunt, Faith

Jordon Hunt, Faith

Darrel Jr. (Djay) Hunter, Kyle

Kendra Johnson, Hermosa

Reed Johnson, Phillip

Carlee Johnston, Elm Springs

Carson Johnston, Elm Springs

Paul Kruse, Interior

Colton Kudlock, Belle Fourche

Lathan Lauing, Oral

Dalton Lessert, Martin

Rayel Livermont, Martin

Layne Livermont, Martin

Elijah Livermont, Martin

Bailey Long, Enning

Joeni Lueders, Spearfish

Bailey Lytle, Quinn

Wyatt Mann, Box Elder

Brady March, Hot Springs

Jace Matz, Sturgis

John Luke McGriff, Quinn

Connor McNenny, Sturgis

Nicole McPherson, Sturgis

Kassi McPherson, Rapid City

Tanner Miller, Spearfish

Cassidy Mutchler, Whitewood

Baillie Mutchler, Whitewood

Shane O’Connell, Rapid City

Kaeloni Parmely, New Underwood

Mazee Pauley, Wall

Mattee Pauley , Wall

Cody Pekron, Hot Springs

Matt Peters, Hot Springs

Kailtlin Peterson, Sturgis

Karlee Peterson, Sturgis

Ashley Peterson, Rapid City

Tagg Petrak, Martin

JD Phelps, Porcupine

Jace Phillpsen, New Underwood

Kyle Reddy, Pine Ridge

Trey Richter, Quinn

Roy Risse, Martin

Charles Risse, Allen

Tryn Robertson, Caputa

Kailey Rae Sawvell, Quinn

Treg Schaack, Edgemont

Kimmy Scherer, Martin

Jade Schmid, Box Elder

Caleb Schroth, Buffalo Gap

Sue Sell, Martin

Tanner Simons, White Owl

Clint Stangle, Captua

Kristi Steffes, Vale

Lacy Stevens, Edgemont

Brooke Thompson, Hot Springs

Jordon Tierney, Oral

Jacob Waln, Martin

Blake Williams, Piedmont

Kennie Word, Hermosa

Lane Cermak, Sturgis

Dalton Dampier

Brady Jandreau

Rookie Cowboy – Shane O’Connell, Rapid City

Rookie Cowgirl – Chesney Nagel, Springfield

All Around Cowboy – Taygen Schuelke, Newell

All Around Cowgirl – Kristi Steffes, Vale

Reserve All Around Cowboy – Drew Cowan, Highmore

Reserve All Around Cowgirl – Katie Lensegrav, Interior

Queen – Brielle Yackley, Watertown

Team Trophy – Sturgis High School

NRA Shooting Contest:

Small Bore Champion – Cody Wright

Small Bore Reserve – Ty Batie

Trap Shooting Champion – Mile Kreeger

Trap Shooting Reserve – Clay Bernstein

Barrels – Amy Deichert – 16.79

Pole Bending – Amy Deichert – 20.23

Goat Tying – Katie Lensegrav – 7.36

Breakaway Roping – Syerra “C.Y.” Christensen – 2.11

Bareback Riding – Shane O’Connell – 75 points

Saddle Bronc – Lane Hall and Jace Nelson – 78 points

Bull Riding – Tate Thybo – 80 points

Steer Wrestling – Wyatt Kammerer – 4.79

Calf Roping – Jace Melvin – 10.16

Team Roping – Treg Schaack and Tel Schaack – 6.43

Boys Cutting – Kourt Starr – 143 points

Girls Cutting – Tylee Evans and

Georgia Edoff – 143 points

Special thanks to these local photographers for sharing their images

of the South Dakota High School Rodeo Association (SDHSRA) regional

competitions, held June 1-3 and June 8-10, throughout the state:

• River Region, Winner, June 1-3: Dan Bechtold, Winner Advocate

• River Region, Ft. Pierre, June 8-10, Brad Gienger, Brad’s Photo’s, visit his Web sit for more photos

• Southwest Region, Wall, June 1-3: Robbie and Molly Photography

• Northwest Region. Buffalo, June 1-3: Jennifer Garreau

• Southeast region, Huron, June 1-3, Mike Carrol, Huron Plainsman

• Southeast region, Watertown, June 8-10, Loretta Monnens and Kelli Fulkerson

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