South Dakota: Kitzan new chair of American Lamb Board |

South Dakota: Kitzan new chair of American Lamb Board

The American Lamb Board (ALB) elected FY2020 leadership at its meeting Jan. 22, 2020, held ahead of the American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) convention. The newly elected chair is Gwendolyn Kitzan, SD. Vice chair is David Quam, TX; elected for a second term as secretary is Greg Deakin, IL, and treasurer is Rob Rule, IA.

This meeting marked the retirement of four directors, all of whom have served the maximum of six years: Jim Percival, OH, Dale Thorne, MI; Diane Peavey, ID; and Greg Ahart, CA. Joining the board, all for their first term, are Jeff Ebert, KS; Gary Visintainer, CO; Donald Hawk, OH; and Travis Anderson, OR. The additional board members are Elizabeth Dressler, CO; Tom Colyer, MA; Peter Camino, WY; Sally Scholle, PA; and Brad Anderson, CO.

The Board represents all sectors of the American Lamb industry including producers, feeders, seedstock producers and processors. The 13-member Board, appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture, serves

without compensation. Members are nominated by qualified organizations, including ASI and National Lamb Feeders Association.

ALB conducts promotion and research programs with the goal of creating greater demand and profitability for the entire industry. ALB does not promote imported lamb. It does not promote wool. ALB is not funded by dues and is forbidden by law to influence legislation. It exists to promote lamb to consumers and provide information to help producers raise lamb more efficiently and effectively.

–American Lamb Board