South Dakota legislative update |

South Dakota legislative update

Rep. Betty Olson
District 28B

This was the second week of the 2014 session and we are starting to work on legislation. Most of the bills we’ve dealt with so far have been agency bills, but the deadline for legislators to turn in their bills is looming and we will begin working on them next week.

On Tuesday our Agriculture and Natural Resources committee heard two department heads give presentations. First, Secretary of Agriculture Lucas Lentsch gave a department overview. Then, Secretary of Game, Fish and Parks Jeff Vonk gave an overview of GF&P departments.

Thursday morning Steve Pirner, Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources gave the Ag Committee an overview briefing of his department. Then some FFA members gave our committee a presentation on cloning.

Local Government committee didn’t meet on Tuesday and we only dealt with two bills on Thursday. Rep. Scott Parsley tabled his bill, HB 1062, that would have provided for historical snowmobile license plates. Our committee passed HB 1064 to repeal obsolete provisions and references concerning weather modification programs. HB 1064 also passed the House on Friday.

These are some other bills that passed the House this week:

*HB 1016 repeals outdated or unnecessary statutes and administrative rules pertaining to the Department of Public Safety.

*HB 1021 provides for judicial review of Board of Regents decisions involving student discipline and residency classification.

*HB 1025 revises statutes and administrative rules regarding licensure of nursing facility administrators and to increase fees.

*HB 1026 provides for the transfer of the state’s interests in the Webster National Guard armory and underlying land to the city of Webster.

*HB 1027 provides for the transfer of the state’s interests in the Watertown National Guard armory to the city of Watertown.

*HB 1037 authorizes the Transportation Commission to establish limited speed zones on non-state trunk highways under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation.

*HB 1042 revises the penalty for late payment of the additional original registration tax on aircraft.

*HB 1044 will authorize limited cosmetology services outside of a licensed salon or booth.

*HB 1045 revises unemployment insurance contribution rates.

*HB 1050 revises enforcement actions by the insurance director.

*HB 1051 revises provisions regarding the regulation of captive insurance companies.

*HB 1052 will authorize additional disclosure regarding insurance investigations and examinations.

*HB 1055 revises provisions regarding references to the Internal Revenue Code.

*HB 1056 repeals obsolete provisions regarding the taxation, the licensing, and the regulation of motor vehicles.

*HB 1059 revises provisions regarding the exemption of mass transit motor vehicles from licensing and registration fees and the motor vehicle excise tax.

*HB 1061 includes limited liability companies in provisions regarding the licensing of boats and motor vehicles and provisions regarding the dealers and manufacturers of vehicles, manufactured homes, and mobile homes.

The Senate passed two bills dealing with Common Core standards for education. SB 64 would limit the authority of the Board of Education to adopt Common Core standards. SB 63 would protect student privacy by prohibiting the collection of information not necessary for the calculation of funding for public education, the determination of student academic progress, state and federal reporting requirements or other duties prescribed to a school district, the department, or the state board of education by law.

These bills will now come to the House for consideration.

To get in touch with me in Pierre, call the House Chamber number 773-3851. You can also email me at during session. You can keep track of bills and committee meetings at this link:

Use the link to find legislators, see what committees they are on, read all the bills and track the status of each bill, listen to committee hearings, and contact the legislators. F