SDPPC names Dedicated and Distinguished Service Award recipient |

SDPPC names Dedicated and Distinguished Service Award recipient

South Dakota Pork Producers Council Announces the 2018 Dedicated & Distinguished Service Award Recipient

John Wipf of Oaklane Colony, South Dakota received the award

at South Dakota’s 50th Annual Pork Congress.

SIOUX FALLS, SD – The South Dakota Pork Producers Council (SDPPC) honored John Wipf of Oaklane Colony from Alexandria, South Dakota with the Dedicated and Distinguished Service Award at the Master Pork Producers Banquet that was held on Wednesday, January 9, 2019. “The Dedicated and Distinguished Service Award recognizes an individual who provides outstanding and dedicated service to South Dakota’s pork industry; and John certainly has demonstrated this type of service to our industry. We are proud to honor him with this award,” commented SDPPC Executive Board member and association services and membership committee chairman, Bill Larsen of Wolsey.

John and his wife Sara are active members of the Oaklane Colony near Alexandria, South Dakota.

This Colony “Oaklane Hutterian Brethern” are actively involved in the farrow to finish production of Norsvin swine with 1500 sows. They market about 40,000 head a year. As well as being Business Manager of the colony, John sits on numerous other colony boards. John has a lot of ideas for value added programs. His colony also has 9500 acres of crop land on which they raise corn and soybeans. They also raise cattle, turkeys and dairy. John and Sara are parents of eight children, Ramona; Matthew; Abraham; Kathryn; Sara; Debbie; Darlene; and Naomi. John and Sara have 13 grandchildren.

Oaklane’s hog enterprise was started in 1979 as a 350-sow farrow to finish operation. In 1998 the farm completed an expansion project which included a new farrowing facility, gestation barn, new nursery wards and off-site finishers.

Oaklane Hog Farm utilizes a “closed herd” system to manage and maintain high health animals. Since 2005 the farm has been marketing their hogs on an “All Natural and Antibiotic Free” program. There are currently 16 barns onsite at Oaklane Colony. These barns are power ventilated with a pull plug manure system. The manure is taken by a lift station right from the barn and pushed a mile out to a storage pond.

Oaklane Colony is dedicated to doing the right thing, every time on their farm. One way they show this is through PQA Plus® certification. PQA Plus® is a voluntary certification program that demonstrates to consumers a farmer’s commitment to providing the best possible care for his animals. Consumers can also be assured that they are purchasing the highest quality, safest product possible from a farmer who cares about the wellbeing of animals.

Manure management is a top priority for Wipf and his colony. Their manure is treated with a pit additive to break down solids, reduce odor and improve overall nutrient value of the manure. A documented manure management plan is used which includes annual soil and manure sampling to determine the rate of application.

Oaklane Colony uses a state-of-the-art computerized ventilation system in each of their barns around the farm. Outside and inside air conditions are monitored and controlled by a centralized computer.

Oaklane Colony has always believed they could have a site to be proud of and they continue to strive for excellence. After reviewing Wipf’s application and site pictures, they have really done an outstanding job and have an operation they truly can be proud of. Oaklane farm welcomes visitors and provides tours of the farm and livestock operations.

–South Dakota Pork Producers


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